BioShock 2, Red Faction Cosplay For Your 360 Avatar

If your 360 avatar is in need of some overpriced, officially licensed attire to help ring in St. Valentine's Day, Microsoft, 2K and THQ have you covered with some BioShock 2 and Red Faction: Guerilla clothing purchases.

They're your standard fare, a mix of game-themed t-shirts and replica costumes from the titles themselves.

I still don't understand why these aren't free; surely wearing this stuff serves as advertising for the product in question, so the more people out there wearing it the better?


    IMO you shouldn't buy them either. But all game related avatar merch should be free for those who finish a play through. Also, no bonus items for special achievements, that's what Achievements are for.

      Yeah I thought that was part of the idea of avatars in the first place - getting avatar gear by completing achievements.
      I guess that's not a money spinner though.

      Also: in game achievement rewards. Why is mass effect the only game (that I know of) that does this?

    Everyone complains about the cost etc etc but when I look through my 100 strong friends list much more than half have something on their avatar they have purchased - I didn'tagree with it and still don't agree with some of the pricing but I have still bought a few items that I really liked... Who's at fault MS or us for playing the role of consumer?

    My avatar has a hockey stick. I did think about the Ezio costume though....

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