BioShock 2 Special Edition Unboxing Goes Horribly Wrong

With BioShock 2 just a week away from launch, what better way to convince you to spend the extra $US40 on the Limited Edition version than a four-minute-long unboxing video? Watching cubicle and office distraction is what!

If you've not already pre-ordered or become intimately familiar BioShock 2's big box version and its ample goodies, consider this a primer. The rest, including the "announcement" of the BioShock 2 Uber Edition and the ensuing chaos, is just highly amusing gravy.


    Liz, has been great through the whole Teaser site (Something in the Sea), And it's great that they can keep going with all their fun even a week before launch. Funny stuff.

    oh man, that was fantastic. Both the up close look at the contents, and the UBER edition

    I cant view the video cause im capped.

    How did the special edition unboxing go wrong exactly?

      Sorry it just wouldn't be same trying to put it into words.

      When she said "Fully Functional" I was like "ok, where is this video going?"


    lmao that was fantastic. Great tongue in cheek look at themselves! Love it!!! Big Daddy Uber Edition ftw!

    Love it, great video... Volition still reign supreme though... Ostrich Hammer FTW!

    Day one buy for me

    Hilarious! Reminds me of The Office.
    Poor Tom.


    Great work 2K. I was sitting on the fence about buying the SE, but you've sold me!

    Now...where to pre-order the uber edition?

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