BioShock 2's Launch Trailer Goes Under The Sea

With the game out in a matter of days, 2K has been ramping up the marketing for BioShock 2, culminating in this, the game's launch trailer.

If you saw it already on Jimmy Fallon, great. He's a funny kid, deserves the viewers, doesn't deserve the flak he gets. If you haven't already seen it though, click on!

I'll warn you ahead of time, though: continuing a tradition begun during the first game's marketing, there's fake gameplay footage in there. Why they couldn't just include real gameplay footage, I don't know.


    That made me fall in love with the little girls all over again.

    i like these fake gameplay sequences, they look awesome. make the game feel more real.

    it looks celestial <3

    Maaaaaan, if only that were in game footage. I wish I could actually believe this game will be as good as the first! I have my fingers crossed.

    My biggest worry is how it will control on PC. Given you can dual-wield plasmids and guns, surely they'd be bound to the mouse buttons. But if that is the case, i'd assume RMB would be the right hand, which is the guns, and that would be extremely confusing after every other FPS game ever.

    that was even more beautiful than the 1st games launch trailer, it needed more gore though


    Great trailer, but I still feel the Bioshock 1 trailer was one of the greatest trailers I have ever seen.

    (Oops, bit of an unintentional Kanye West there).

    It is going to be a challenge to create a game as gripping as the first, now that the mystery is gone, now that we know what Rapture is, what the Little Sisters are, what the Big Daddies are, etc. I don't doubt it can still be utterly amazing, but it is going to be difficult.

    As much as King Dave will always be, well, the King.

    I gotta give Jimmy the credit where its due. He is the only one out of the late night hosts, that gives it his ALL when it comes to his show.

    I guess its the "Late late" part. Conan was the same with the Late Night - but Jimmy makes some of the funniest parodies and videos. Especially the one where they dressed up as the housewives of the cast of Jimmy Fallon.

    So the whole thing is fake?

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