Black Creator To Shoot For FPS Heights Again At Codemasters

Criterion's much hyped and ultimately pretty OK first-person shooter Black may not be getting a sequel from its original creators soon—they're busy making Burnout and Need For Speed—but its original designer is getting back into the FPS game.

Stuart Black, senior design on that PlayStation 2 and Xbox shooter, has landed at developer Codemasters, reports CVG, who calls him the "mastermind" behind that first-person shooter. Black and company are said to be hard at work on a new shooter at Codemasters, one that CVG ties to a reveal in the Official Xbox Magazine in the UK.

There's also some not so subtle hinting that Black's follow-up to Black would be akin to the Perfect Dark as follow up to Goldeneye from Rare. Are you ready for hype levels at code black?

Black creator developing new FPS [CVG]


    I loved this game when it came out.

    I thought it was great.

    Be good to have a sequal of sorts for it.

    Ditto. Just give us more frequent save points this time!

    i didnt mind the shooting but the story and enemies were boring as.

    Black and Killzone were the only console FPSes of the last gen that I had any time for at all.

    But these days, the genre on consoles is a lot more crowded and the standard is a lot higher, so this will need to be something pretty special to justify its existence.

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