Blade Kitten Takes A Stab At PSN This Spring

Krome Studios is bringing the intergalactic adventures of comic book heroin Kit Ballard to the PlayStation Network this spring in Blade Kitten. Who is Kit Ballard? Her tale is one of liberation. Her tail is pink.

Blade Kitten is a comic book series created by Krome co-founder Steve Stamatiadis, which tells the tale of cat-girl bounty hunter Kit Ballard, whose adventures on the world of Hollow Wish have been chronicled both online and in a series of three physical collections, now available for sale at the Blade Kitten store.

As for the game, Krome is combining the strong narrative and high-quality cinematics you'd expect from a game based on a comic book with pick-up-and-play arcade action. Krome is releasing the title as a two-part miniseries exclusively for the PlayStation Network.

More will be revealed tonight on GameTrailers TV, which will be showing off an exclusive trailer and gameplay on tonight's show.

"Blade Kitten is a brain child of mine that originated as a comic series," said Steve Stamatiadis, Krome co-founder and creative director, who also created the multi-million selling Ty the Tasmanian Tiger series. "Bringing Kit's anime-inspired universe to life is a milestone for us, and we're excited to open her world up to gamers on the PlayStation Network."

Whatever, Steve. You had me at pink-haired kitty-girl.


    i know quite a few Krome people and none of them seem to have any confidence in this thing whatsoever which is always the first sign of a terrible game... i will let the game speak for itself tho:

    worst thing ever

      Kit ballard is one of the most unoriginal and uninspired characters i have ever seen. After watching that trailer link that B.C posted. I am left with one conclusion, Krome need to seek a new Creative Director.

    What B.K seems to have against it is that it is questionable there is an audience for this type of idea. Human/cat hybrids are over used, if not pathetic and lacking originality. It does really reek of a creepy fan boy fantasy.

    *shakes fist* @ b.c. I try not and respond to flame bait like this but your comment is simply brash and unwarranted.

    The game is looking good and there was a lot of interest in at when it was demoed at Microsoft's Gamefest last week.

    I think there will be some peeps that have trouble getting their foot out of their mouth when the game comes out...

    This is slowly winning me over the more I watch the trailer. I think it will be good value for money. Well done guys.

    EPIC FAIL. What a P.O.S. game.

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