Blizzard Offers An Updated Look At The New

Big changes are coming to Blizzard's multiplayer service, as the StarCraft II beta test and release date edge ever closer. While you wait for Activision Blizzard to bring good news, get caught up to speed on's massive overhaul.

Blizzard's official preview covers much of what we already knew about the revamped, including cross-game chat, the Real ID service, updated matchmaking and the StarCraft II user mod marketplace. But it looks so pretty in pictures, so nearly tangible that the preview is worth reading, if only to work on your actions per minute improvements.

There's a new interview with Greg Canessa, project director for, which will give you the high level pitch. Otherwise, be sure to check out our preview from BlizzCon and get more eyes-on time with's interface all over StarCraft II in our gallery. Preview []


    Monthly subscription cost?

      That would be one of the worse possible things blizzard could do.

        This is ActiBlizz we're talking about, the new hate target of choice

        The same which blurts out COD games every year. The same which is almost now only second to M$ in money grabbing

        of course it will cost money

        Still, looking forward to my nerfed starcraft without lan which i have to pay for 3 times but at least it has nicer graphics :P

    Lol, Jake Sully.

    God I want this game so bad, I wonder if anyone will manage to make a map people are willing to buy though.

    Jake Sully = Avatar reference for those who didn't get it.

    So basically they said "Ok, we've got our old BNet, we just need to add Steam, Xfire, Live, etc and make it look cool". Agreed?

    I really hope the Blizzard side of actiBlizz are in control here cuz if they go all activision on us, we can expect this game to be shat on in very many different ways.

    I expect a lot, Blizzard haven't really done any wrong. Ever.

    If bnet costs money, i sincerly hope they go bankrupt and never come back. If it really costs money, every single employee here deserves to lose their job! rawr!

    so there. >.>
    k fine maybe i was a bit harsh but I would really like an f2p after i buy the freggin game. :/

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