Brace Yourself For Fable III Crap

Call it merchandise. Call it stuff. Call it crap. Fable III developer Lionhead Studios is already thinking about things to sell you.

"With the release of Fable III imminent this year we've started thinking about different kinds of merchandise for the game," Lionhead wrote on its Facebook page. There are literally hundreds of things we can come up with; from mugs and t-shirts to an LCE or books, maybe even branded condoms."

"LCE" refers to "Limited Collector's Edition" and not "Liquid Cooling Engine". "Condoms" refers to a latex covering you put on your penis.

There's a survey as well that allows folks to rate possible merch and provide their own ideas for future Fable III products. Have a look.

Lionhead conducting Fable III merchandise survey, News [GamePro]


    I would be surprised to see if anyone could successfully do it wearing a Fable 3 condom.

      I'd do it.......with the lights off.

    Puppies. Fable III-branded puppies.

    I would like to see a modest release of a fable game with surprisingly awesome gameplay

    lol Darius. I was extremely disappointed with Fable II, so they'll have to work pretty hard to convince me to part with more of my hard earned for Fable III. I do like video game merch, but can't think of any Fable stuff which would interest me... chicken figurines perhaps?

    i want a LCE, that doesn't get butchered before release, i was excited about the fable 2 fate cards and hobbe statue and then months before release it was like... lulz NO STATUE FOR YOU.

    How about one of these?

    Yeah, put the effort into the game instead, would go a long way

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