Break Down Doors With These Medal Of Honor Screens

EA seems particular fond on the door kicking-in scene in its re-launch of the Medal of Honor series, showcasing it in the game's debut trailer as well as this new set of screens.

Perhaps the image of armed soldiers kicking-in doors is EA's way of communicating its intentions to Activision and its Modern Warfare series, sort of a there's a new player in town, and he's not fond of doorknobs sort of thing. Maybe the game will ship with some sort of door kicking mini-game, to help those of us driven into a portal smashing frenzy by this provocative imagery.


    Looks somewhere in the middle of Battlefield and CoD... quite generic other than that... I can't wait to see how it turns out though, I'm still optimistic that it's not a total clone...

    I think this is only the second door kicking we've seen. Give it a rest.

    Door kicking is way more cooler than breaching with charges.

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