British Sales Charts: Let's Mass Effect

Just Dance's reign of terror has finally come to an end, BioWare's Mass Effect 2 cruising straight into the top spot on the British charts.

Ubisoft's dancing title sits sandwiched between Mass Effect 2 and another impressive debut, Sony's MAG, which came in at third. Third! For a multiplayer-only game that's had a lot less promotion than some of Sony's other first-party exclusives, that's mighty impressive.

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    Lukes more of a Sony fan ain't he?

    It's impressive for its first week, i agree. But lets see how well it fairs next week and so on. It could be every PS3 FPS fan rushing to get it while its popular, but then it just sinks.

    As for Mass Effect 2 - WOW! Well deserved.

    Random - Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

      "For a multiplayer-only game that’s had a lot less promotion than some of Sony’s other first-party exclusives, that’s mighty impressive."

      I think the guy makes a fair point mate.

    Forza3 seems to be still going strong, one of those long tail games.

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