Capcom Kicks Out New Super Street Fighter IV Screens

Ka-pow! Joining the SSFIV fray are schoolgirl Sakura and fortune teller Rose. Fists out, cause these characters are rarin' to fight.

Both Sakura and Rose appeared in the console version of Street Fighter IV.

Super Street Fighter IV will be released on the PS3 and the Xbox 360 this April. The game will feature characters from Street Fighter IV as well as additional characters like Dee Jay and T. Hawk as well as new character Juri.


    I hope Capcom don't pull a Punch-Out Wii on us and have only one new character in SSFIV.

      wat u on about dude? there's like 7 new characters in SSFIV, unless you haven't been keeping up with the news.

    It seems a big cartoonish. Liked their wardrobes ;)

      How do you not know what SFIV looks like by now?!

    They're showing us screenshots of characters we can already play as?

    Are these screenshots of Super Street Fighter 4 or just Street Fighter 4?

    They're characters, stages and moves already in the game?

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