Care Packages On The Way For Xbox 360 Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare 2's "Care Package" patch already has released for PS3 and PC; via Twitter, Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling says it was submitted on Friday to Microsoft for certification on the Xbox 360.

The fixes and changes this patch will provide:

• Care Package, Emergency Airdrop, and Sentry Gun marker grenades sprint speed normalized.

Fix for "infinite care package" exploit.

• Sentry Guns: Improved placement detection, preventing cases of Sentry Guns inside geometry.

• Model 1887: Bling using Akimbo and FMJ combination now has same range and damage as non-Bling Model 1887s.

• Fixes to prevent various XP hacks.

No specific date was announced, but Bowling said it won't be much longer until the glitch this solves is "a thing of the past"

Modern Warfare 2 Care Package Patch Sent to MS for Certification [VG247]


    Every time he announces stuff like this, people bombard him to ask questions about things. His answering method seems erratic at best. I've heard of many people asking about local matchmaking yet he replies to rumours about unannounced map packs.

    Sigh. BFBC2 can't come quick enough.

    This stuff never really bothered me. Even the akimbo runners, while obviously a cheesy nub combo, never really bothered me.

    Traded in MW2 a month ago. Not one mention of concern for local matchmaking outside the states among all these bug fixes.

    Care package sprint speed shouldn't have changed. It makes sense that you run faster because its light.

      Suuuuure it may be lighter than carrying a gun.....

      But carrying those guns on your back aswell as a soup can might make you run even slower as the added weight of the soup can.......

    Im actually getting rid of MW2 tomorrow.
    I hung in there for so long (it seems) but in the end have just had enough of it.
    I dont enjoy the game at all. The bugs, the elusive promises. . . the complete spit in the face for local search.
    Ive had enough.

    Anyone think Robert Bowling is taking classes from Michael Atkinson?

    They both seem to treat their audience (consumers, taxpayers) with equal contempt.

    Yeah, they'll fix everything except what the real problem is... it's like they just deny that anyone anywhere could ever need a local search function?

    Infinity Ward have completely ruined this game. The Model 1887 was not a big issue and they have made a big deal out of it. This will supposedly be the 3rd time they have fixed them, for god sake leave them alone! Can they not reset the leaderboards as they are a discrace.

    Going to give BFBC2 a chance, but niether are what the "Hype" is cracked up to be. xD

    NO Dedi servers for Mw2 but BFBC2 doesn't have them either on day one release in the sense a lot of people were complaining about :)

    Don't you all take pleasure out of killing the cheats. Its fun watching the people run around shiving everyone, than hunting the mother down, especially if you get to shiv him back!!

    ever since the first or second patch i've had no problems with matchmaking. every single time (i play alot) i play i get an australian match. im on ps3.

    still no matchmaking fix. good to know IW care about their fans.
    at least treyarch do

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