Case Closed On Mass Effect 2 And The Curse Of The Tiny Text

Like some other 360 titles like Dead Rising, Mass Effect 2 has tiny text, which users on small TVs and with poor eyesight are having trouble reading. Is BioWare going to fix the problem? Nope.

Just like Dead Rising, it's no easy fix, and since BioWare feel it affects only "a small portion of SDTV owners", they "are unable to resolve it for Mass Effect 2 through a title update".

If it makes those straining at the screen feel any better, the developer promises that the issue will be taken into consideration for future Mass Effect games, where HDTV owners can then complain that their displays are cluttered with giant text.



    not many people i know have hd tv

      Fuck you Bioware! I just got this game and we can't read shit, i only wish I could throw this game through their lazy CEO's window!

    Wow...really? They can't throw in a fix to add a 'font size' option in the display menu? I mean,I can read it fine in 1080p, but I do remember the early small font hell of GRAW, so I can certainly sympathize.

    Yes, Dead Rising was the reason I brought a HDTV. I actually spontaneously brought the thing like a week after I brought my 360, thank god it was Christmas Holidays and I was getting paid extra otherwise I wouldn't have been able to afford it.

    They shouldn't really be expected to. It's 2010... People should have a decent TV by now.

    For Mass Effect, it really isn't THAT big of a deal. But it still is an issue that would be welcomed to be fixed. Fortunately, i have a HDTV so i'm not affected.

    Firstly, who uses subtitles when everything is spoken in Mass Effect. Majority of the things on the Codex are spoken out (by two very different voices). Then again, of the Codex entries not spoken, who actually reads them all?

    The only main problem is the text you read to choose what to say and that text, i THINK, is a little bigger than text you read when looking at the Codex or reading about armour/weapon details.

    It's fair to say there are still a lot of SDTV gamers out there but OF those gamers, who has a 360 and of those who have both, who have purchased ME2. It probably isn't worth messing around like Bioware have stated. Perhaps its time those gamers invest in a HDTV or Gaming Monitor cause its bound to occur again, especially considering developers have moved on to catering for HDTV.

    thats ludicrous, it effects all SDTV and some HDTV users which is most likely the majority of users.

    Doesn't matter though, its not like reading text options is important to story progression... oh wait.

    Ahaha, oh come on Bioware, this is 2010. I can't wait for the day when consoles basically become non-upgradeable PC's, because I bet there'll be a mod released for this.

    “a small portion of SDTV owners”

    a.k.a "fans who cannot afford HDTV but will still pull through to drop $100 to buy your game at launch"...

    I reckon if I hadn't bought so many Bioware games I could have bought a HDTV.

    Didn't Microsoft lower the minimum resolution required by 360 games, just last year, (in part)as an acknowledgment of the huge percentage of 360 owners still playing on SDTV's?

    There already is a solution: Buy a decent TV.

    Why even bother playing an xbox 360 on a SDTV? Just buy a N64 or a Wii, it'll look about the same

      That is a really stupid solution and you know it. Your rhetorical question also actually seems to suggest that people play games for graphics.

      Right.......because we can all afford to just up and buy new TVs. Not a priority when you already have a perfectly fine working non HD TV, and a crappy job market. Someone a little spoiled? Yeash....

    Dudes at bioware, come on!
    Just release a small fix to change the font size, not doing so is just lazy game development. I know heaps of people that play 360 on SDTVs.

    If they're too lazy to change the font size what else were they lazy about when developing the game?

      I love the "lazy" attacks always levelled at dev teams. If it were really an easy fix, they would've done it already. The fact is that depending on how the game is coded, changing something like text size may or may not require major changes. Far less to do with laziness and far more to do with having the money and personel to do a major engine overhaul for what is essentially a minor annoyance to a smallish chunk of the userbase.

    I've never really had a problem with my standard definition TV in fact from experience gaming on a HD TV I rather enjoy my TV I don't get HD lag, I don't dead pixels or the static image burn on plasmas

      HD lag is a phallacy. unless you are doctor manhattan and perceive time all freaky-like.

    Yeah definately not cool, it was ok early on when the xbox was just released, but they should have learnt after Dead Rising and GRAW.

    Also like above, the text in Dead Rising was one of the reasons i bought a HDTV.

    "the developer promises that the issue will be taken into consideration for future Mass Effect games"

    Taken into consideration of course can mean considered and rejected.

    The font is too small, period. Lets face it, everyone who doesn't have a HD TV wants one. Why don't they have one? Because what they want is out of their price range given everything else. It would make sense to say people should expect HD to be standard or required if the game cost as much or more than the TV. But it doesnt, and there is no mention of HD required on the game box.

    The man hours that went into ME2 are astronomical, which makes it even more idiotic to screw something up like this where a significant portion of your audience is unable to appreciate the work you put into the game, and will likely turn you off from their future games for fear of the same problem.

    I have a 60 inch SD TV. Its old, the picture could be better, but it works, and it would cost $$$ to get an equivalent HD right now, especially on a grad student salary. Moving closer to the screen doesn't help, its just too pixilated. I don't think its too much to ask for a $60 investment to be readable. The man hours for that option would be next to nothing to get right.

    Just got Mass Effect 2. I have an SD TV and the font was tiny! I thought it was a glitch! Now I have to have my tv zoomed in in order to see anything. I played mass effect one on the same console and TV and had no problems with text size, they had better not keep making it smaller!

    Even if the mass effect guys don't change the font size for #2, they should for later mass effect games. I love the game and would go as far as to buy a better TV but they're dead expensive where I live.

    I agree with El Phantasmogoro, we can't know what's going on in Bioware and how they made the game so there's not much point in complaining about font size unless they can do something about it for sure. That is unless they put the incredible shrinking text in mass effect 3, then we can get annoyed.

    I don't have an HD tv and it's completely unreadable.

    Of Course there's a simple option on the PS3 to adjust front size. Ahhh, maybe I should have got one

    It's true. I can NOT play the game on my TV. Luckily I have a friend with a bigger TV and also a projector, so I'm saving it until I visit her, but WTF, I've been looking forward to playing this game and can't even read the text even when I put my face right up to the screen, and the game seems to be pretty text based too, you would think someone would have thought about that

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