Cat Head Girl Gets Her Own Comic

That's rude. Shoko Nakagawa is more than a nerd heroine who puts her cats' heads in her mouth. She also sniffs their butts.

Where to start? Shoko Nakagawa is a singer and Japanese celebrity, who hosts kiddy show Pokémon Sunday, among a bajillion other things. She voiced the new Pocket Monster character Giza Mimi Pichu ("Notch-Eared Pichu") and also sung the anime's ending theme song.

She also does modelling and appears on television and in commercials.

Sometimes she hangs out with foreigners like Matt Alt and Patrick Macias!

Besides releasing a best selling book version of her wildly popular blog, she also has worn an embarrassing bean hat, appeared at an Xbox 360 Ninety-Nine Nights game launch event and then years later decided she wanted an Xbox 360 of her own. (She she proceeded to not to play her Xbox very much and gave away her games.) What a life!

Japanese publisher Kodansha will be launching "Shoko Nakagawa's Story" manga in its Nakayoshi girls' comic. While Nakagawa is a talented manga artist in her own right, it will be drawn by Asumi Hara and most likely not focus on the more trivial matters in her life (we have that covered thankyouverymuch), but the far more serious ones: Grade-school bullying and the death of her father. Nakagawa's father, a Japanese actor and singer, sadly passed away when she was nine-years-old.

For all the adversities in her life, Nakagawa continues to show spirit, humour and geekiness. No wonder Japan wants to go on adventures with her.

コミックナタリー - なかよし4月号、しょこたんの半生を描く感動巨編スタート [Natalie via Anime News Network]


    Oddly enough this isn't really the first time Kodansha did this =3

    Megumi Hayashibara also had a cute lil 4Koma like series running quite a while back xD

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