Cave Story (Finally) Comes To WiiWare In March

Nicalis' enhanced WiiWare port of PC adventure game Cave Story is finally coming to Nintendo's downloadable game service and we've got the release date to prove it.

Cave Story for WiiWare is officially on for March 22nd, according to the developer. The Wii version of Cave Story features enhanced graphics, remixed music and a "few surprises" for fans.


    I really I had a Wii so I could get this. I'll have to steal a friends. I remember studying this game back in Uni, but the only way I could get through it was with cheats.

      'wish I had a Wii'*

      Psssht weak. When I was studying it I played it enough to be able to reliably make it through the sacred grounds!

      I may have the freeware PC version, but I think I'll buy this too because the devs deserve to be rewarded for the awesomeness that is Doukutsu Monogatari

    all i can say is awesome

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