CBS Not Happy With Dante's Inferno Super Bowl Commercial

As with many of the game's other tactless marketing stunts, EA's big Super Bowl trailer for Dante's Inferno has run into a problem: broadcaster CBS has demanded edits to the commercial.

Not for the dark, mature tone of the ad, nor the graphic scenes of violence which punctuate the clip; it's because of the tagline used at the end: "Go To Hell". That was a bridge too far for the TV network, so EA has had to change the final line of the clip to "Hell Awaits" instead.

You can watch the clip as it was intended to air below.

CBS rejects 'Dante's Inferno' Super Bowl ad (video) [Hollywood Reporter]


    I think 'Hell Awaits' is a better tagline anyway. The first one seems really tacky.

    How sensitive. :S

    Normally I'm the first to jump on the 'people are too sensitive' bandwagon, but on this one I agree with CBS. And Gavin is right, 'Hell awaits' is a much better tagline. 'Go to Hell' just doesn't seem necessary.

    Every time I see their version of Cerberus I cringe. A three-headed sock puppet is not scary.

      +1 Not exactly what I picture a guardian of hell/underworld to look like. I would laugh if I was Dante. They need to take some notes off Demon's Souls.

    "Go to hell" as a tag line sounds hilarious to me, like some sort of aggressive marketing campaign, "Don't like our game? Go to hell."

    silly americans

    I only like the 'Hell Awaits' tagline because its a Slayer song :P

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