Chime Rings In Release, 'Splosion Man Goes Cheap This Week

This week's Xbox Live Arcade release is Chime, the Zoë Mode developed musical puzzle game that may evoke thoughts of Lumines with its quad-building mechanic, quad-clearing timeline and choice soundtrack selections.

The XBLA game features tunes from folks like Moby, Orbital, Philip Glass and more, giving your Xbox 360 a bit more music cred. And if you want to feel even better, a purchase of the 400 Microsoft Point game will go to the charity OneBigGame.

If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, the darn good Splosion Man can also be had for the low low price of 400 Microsoft Points this week.


    wake me up when we can get these on Steam.

    Chime is actually fantastic! But on the other hand I agreed that Splosion man would make a good PC port.

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