Civilization: Network Will Be Playable This June

While there's trepidation amongst many gamers as to the potential for "proper" Facebook games, there's one series that was born for the social network platform: Civilization. Which is coming to Facebook, and whose beta will open in five month's time.

Civilization publisher Take Two has told Variety that the game's open beta, which for an online/Facebook game may as well be its release date, will be "sometime in June".

Bosses of the world, you thus have five months to get yourselves ready, and filter/ban anything on the work network that involves "Facebook" and "Civilization".

Facebook won't be Civ-ilized for a little while yet [Variety]


    If Civilization is coming to facebook I might actually consider maybe getting one of those facebook accounts??

    whoever designed this game should be shot and killed, wtf is with all the goofy units ?? SERIOUSLY! C&C is dead

      "seriously" Civ is one of the most addictive games ever made....!


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