Command & Conquer 4: No LAN Or Dedicated Servers Either

I suppose at some point this will cease to be news, but the franchises that made LAN gaming great continue to turn their back on it, providing a long slow obituary for the service. Command & Conquer is the latest.

Command & Conquer 4 will not only require a constant online connection, it'll end support for LAN as well as dedicated servers, an Electronic Arts designer tells Destructoid. The reason is because the game's global player progression system will all live remotely on an EA server. While it allows players to log in to their account from any machine, it's incompatible with dedicated server support.

EA promises, however, that it's overhauled the game's networking to deliver a more stable experience, with quicker entry into games.

No LAN or Dedicated Server Support for Command & Conquer 4 [Destructoid]


    its the contant online connection which worries me

    F$#kn game devos hate pc gamers and i can't understand why


      Anyway I was looking forward to this but I'm not buying it now. I made the mistake of buying MW2 because I figured the story would be worth the money even if the MP didn't work but I regretted it soon after because I realised what I actually did was gave a vote that I think no dedicated servers is ok. It isn't. I want them to not have my sale but I can't take it back now.

      So as much as I love C&C I'm not buying it on principle. Fuck it, I'd rather miss out than buy it and regret supporting someone who isn't supporting PC.

    great so those stormy nights where the wireless is about as stable as a bloody earthquake i can expect to drop out and no longer be able to play.


    First Forza3 and then this? I smell pressure from MS to keep gamers needing their LIVE service. This smacks of collusion and monopolistic practices, oh wait, that's right, it is what big companies do.

    I didn't buy F3 and I won't be buying this, and I hope a lack of LAN play is *always* news. There is no reason not to include it except to force us onto paid services.

      Agreed Peter. Not including LAN option is just sheer stupidity. I mean, Starcraft 2 not having it was moronic, but CC4 not having it... they could've waved the big finger at Blizzard but now they're supporting their actions??? Way to stick a spiked dildo up the ass of the honest consumer whilst patting pirates on the back and congratulating them EA... looks like I'll be picking a copy of this up from friends...

      What does MS have to do with it?

    Ea have probably though, "If starcraft 2 wont have LAN, then we dont have to have it eithe!". But the thing that EA is forgetting is that Blizzard ACTUALY continues to Support their games and actually put out quaility games, compared to the mass market shite that EA has thrown out the past decade.

    Sure there have been some decent games come from some EA studios ( pandemic games for one), but in terms of CnC, the last truely great CnC game was Zero Hour. RA3 was just complete tripe and CnC3 didnt get enough damn dev support.

    Now compared to Blizzard, which just released another patch for Diablo 2 a few months ago, and is still supported along with warcraft 2 and starcraft. Hell the new is being designed to support all new blizzard games as well.

    Such a shame. This is a game i could've spent money on.

    While I think that no LAN is a bit of a let down (memories of playing MW2 spec ops sitting beside my partner but getting lag because it had to bounce the stupid 'connection' through a shared internet service) I don't see a lack of dedicated servers as an issue.

    Correct me if I am wrong but aren't most RTS games played P2P. A player sets up the game and hosts it. I cant think of a single example where you connect to a dedicated server to play an RTS. Because the majority of games are small (2 - 8) and ultra-high ping isn't needed (no reflex head shots not counting due to the extra 3 nano-seconds it took for your shots to register), dedicated servers aren't needed.

    Now I am not saying that a lack of lan and requiring a constant connection are fantastic (especially here in OZ where we have to world best and most stable ISPs *sarcasm*), but lumping no dedicated servers in is pushing it.

    Again correct me if I am wrong by giving me an example of a current RTS that uses dedicated servers.

      Yeah I was thinking the same thing reading the article.

    As strategy titles has more or less always been peer to peer the lack of servers really isnt news. The lack of LAN play however is still a pretty big issue.

    It's like these people are out to kill the whole LAN gaming/Tournament scene. And lets face it, a game like C&C really is aimed towards that sort of crowd.

    Oh you have to be kidding me. You cannot just forget about LAN play with an RTS. I cannot think of any other genre that is played more through LAN, not even FPS games are lanned as much. Imagine if you couldn't LAN Warcraft 3, it wouldn't have reached anywhere near the amount of fans it did, not to mention all the modding groups.

    I could not care less about their 'global player progression' system. I'm sure the system will be nothing special and probably have plenty of its own flaws, I want LAN play. I'm starting to understand that 'they pissed off their fans so now I'm gonna pirate it' feeling.

    And as to Peter Richards, I don't get what you mean? Is C&C4 going to need Live to play on PC? Surely not? Or are you talking about the xbox version. If so then I wouldn't worry, I expect it to be fairly terrible after the last C&C game on xbox.

    I'm with Peter on this, it should always be news. Thanks for the heads up though, another game I won't buy (and I JUST bought a new computer!)... that said , I probably wouldn't anyway. CnC has gone downhill since Red Alert 2.

    The phasing out of LAN support for PC games somewhat mirrors what has happened with splitscreen multiplayer on console games.

    The days of getting a few mates together in the same room for some quality multiplayer are dwindling away.

    Sure, there are plenty of 'casual' games that support group multiplayer (eg Rockband) and it's good to see some popular FPS games like Halo still flying the splitscreen flag, but there's no doubt this feature has become a lot less prevalent. When I saw the trailer for Perfect Dark on Xbox Live, I got the most psyched when it said "return to the glory days of splitscreen multiplayer" or some such. Even racing games have started dropping splitscreen multiplayer.

    Back to LAN though, there seems to be more to the decline in LAN support than just marking a natural shift into the online space. I'm sure piracy fears factor into it. The ability to use online access as the basis for DRM is wrong on so many levels (for the consumer), but on a platform so rife with piracy you can see why this would be an attractive option for the publisher.

    Hang on to those old PC games people, and make sure the OS you have is able to run them. For whatever the reason, I fear LAN gaming will soon be a relic of the past.

    It's like a self fulfilling prophecy though...
    Hmmm, There's piracy, lets make them have to be online so they can't run pirate copies.
    ALWAYS ONLINE! Stuff that I won't buy it.
    Hmmm, always online, well that has to go, and now to put it up on the torrent sites.
    Wow I don't have to be online for this version... Yoink.
    No-ones buying it... and there's sooooo much piracy, we'll have to lock it down even harder next time.

    And so the cycle continues.

    I may buy it, but might wait till there is a hack out there to stop it needing the connection when I'm playing the SINGLE PLAYER mode.

    They should've know that they won't be able to beat piracy, only slowing it down for a day or a week.
    But the main victims is the legit PC gamer that must suffer draconian DRM alas even forcefully purchase a 2nd grade console port (C&C4 might not be the case).

    They just need to run along with piracy, eventually a good game will always attract buyers - what they suffer might only hurt a bit of their profit margin.
    It's Yin & Yang man! balance is the thing!

    Wow i actually considered buying this one :/ not now!

    Anyone remember the original Total Ahnilation?
    Multiplayer on that was the best, and back in the days of no broadband, we could hook up a game MODEM to MODEM.

    Sure it cost you a telephone call, but geeze it was good :)

    I guess what i'm trying to say is, i'm glad i grew up in an era when the developers cared and gave us lots of options, because the future looks pretty bleak.

    I herein refer you to this in which Penny-Arcade sum up the situation nicely:

    my favorite hobby is dying. lanning most weekends with a few friends and a few drinks. Now it seems we all have to be locked away by ourselves and play online with faceless strangers.
    Thank god for borderlands recently, that game is awesome with a few friends on a lan.
    Is there any new/coming soon games that is worth saving up for, for our lans.

      Am I the only one that read this not as a comment about his hobby becoming less popular, rather a statement of what his hobby actually is. A rather bizzare one at that.

    I thought all RTS games were p2p online.

    WTF is wrong with companies?
    No LAN?
    Are you crazy!?

      Dude, Blizzard NOT making SC2 lan-compatible is sheer suicide in Korea alone, where SC2 would've been a damn national sport...

    The reasoning for this is weak. Nothing is stopping them having 'unranked servers' ala BF2.

    Wonder if Supreme Commander going to have no LAN too :)

    I remember CnC3, the game where I could not connect to 95% of players, and thus took up to 2 hours to get a single multiplayer match going. Then at the same time, playing Supreme Commander which was p2p to, but that actually worked very well.

    It all depends on the networking, and the networking in CnC3 was and is absolute crap. Plus the gameplay wasn't that good either, it was unit spam on small maps, no strategy. I hope they make it a good game, will have to wait for beta/demo to see though.

      This is true, however, C&C3 still remains a favorite between my friends and I for... LANS because you can... LAN it! It sucks balls online indeed you're 100% right! But lan it, and it's an absolute blast!

    Is it just me or was the best part of playing CnC was playing with your friends over LAN or VPN???

    What are developers doing?????? Why no LAN or dedicated servers anymore?????? Doesn't it just frustrate you?

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