Cryptic Wants Star Trek Online Players To Explore Their Ships

If you can't bring an Orion girl into your personal quarters, what good is Star Trek Online? Cryptic has plans to unlock more of the players' ship interiors for exploration, answering the prayers of role-playing STO subscribers across the universe.

If you want to have a private meeting aboard your starship in Star Trek Online, currently you're limited to the ship's bridge, which I suppose is something, but not nearly enough. How many great Star Trek episodes featured scenes set in engineering, or crew quarters, or the holodeck. The fact that I've played Star Trek Online for nearly three weeks now without crawling through a single Jefferies tube is completely unacceptable.

Cryptic understands this, however. Speaking to IncGamers, Star Trek Online executive producer Craig Zinkievich says that eventually players will have more of their ship to frollic about on; the developer just wants to make sure everything is perfect.

"Anything we can do to make the game feel even more like Star Trek is something we want to do. So, definitely, we want to give people more of their ship," he replied. "This is one of those things we want to get perfect before introducing it to players, though" he added, "it's going to be an undertaking."

So you Star Trek Online players don't have to flood the comments of this article, I'll go ahead and say it. It would have been if Cryptic had made sure the game was perfect before introducing it to players. And for good measure, that never stopped them before.

There, I feel better now. Bring me a green Orion woman.


    The amount of "BAWWWW WHY CAN'T I BE ON MY SHIP" from the players on the official forums is hilarious. You'd think there wasn't anything else to the game at all. Forget flying around spaceships and battling it out with massive fleets of alien ships, who cares! I WANT TO VISIT THE SICKBAY NOW NOW NOW WAAAAAAAAAAH

    I'd like to be able to wander around the ship but unless there's something to actually DO there, I'd only do it the once.

    Making missions where you're boarded or have to repair parts of the ship after an accident would make it a bit more interesting than "Oh there's my ships gym. Ok, done that now what?"

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