Dante's St. Lucia DLC Brings Online Co-Op, Player-Created Content

A trailer shipping with the retail version of Dante's Inferno reveals the Trials of St. Lucia downloadable content, adding a new character, online cooperative play, and player-created trials to EA's epic action game in April.

An Australian Kotakuite who purchased the Death Edition of Dante's Inferno for the PlayStation 3 tipped us off to the Trials of St. Lucia DLC, introduced in this video by senior producer Hans ten Cate. The pack, available on April 29, adds a whole new dimension of community involvement to the game, as well as a new playable character in the form of the angelic St. Lucia of Syracuse, a character mentioned in the "Divine Comedy".

Players will be able to create custom trials, testing their skills against waves of enemies, some exclusive to the St. Lucia DLC. Once their creations are complete, they'll be able to upload them to the Dante's Inferno community, where they'll be rated and ranked.

From single-player action game to community-driven content creation, all in one DLC pack. An interesting move on EA's part....but why couldn't these features have shipped with retail version? Seems like they would have made for a much more attractive package to those looking for a little more than an extended hack-and-slash adventure.


    Got my copy of Dante's Inferno Death Edition yesterday and saw this promo on it! woohoo!!! looks awesome! and the game is fantastic....though the most graffic I have ever played....and I'm not talking about the gore.

    hey isaac, where did you get it from?

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