Dark Void Survivor Missions Drop Next Week

Dive deeper into the Dark Void next week with the Survivor Missions downloadable content, which pits players against increasing waves of hostile enemy forces, because increasing waves of docile enemy forces aren't that threatening.

It's like Horde Mode, only you are by yourself, working through 10 levels of enemies on the ground and in the air, collecting points to upgrade your weapons as you go. Make it through all 10 waves, and you'll be rewarded with a score, which gets higher the better you do. Are you thrilled yet?

The Survivor Missions will be available on February 10 for the Xbox 360 and the 11th for the PlayStation 3, and will run $US4.99 or 400 Microsoft points, depending.

Also, Capcom is releasing the soundtracks to Dark Void and the DSiWare title Dark Void Zero next week through Sumthing Else Records, so if you'd rather kick back and listen to Bear McCreary music than shoot people, they've got you covered as well.


    Dark Void's menu was pretty frustrating, having that "Noew/downloadable content available!" text on the main menu, and no link within it, or any info online... Good to see we finally know what's what.

    Wow DLC!!! No really, are they serious? Did this game sell at all let alone enough to justify more money being invested?

    I couldn't even force myself to finish the demo and it rates a 59 on meta critic so its not just me. (Vancouver winter Olympics scored a 56 to give some perspective)

    Yeah terrible game. I'd avoid this at all costs, I can't beleive they are actually bothering with DLC.

    Meh, my bro bought it and im playing it for the trophies mainly. I think some points in the reviews were a bit harsh and some (i.e game glitching and forever-to-kill enemies) are spot on

    The soundtrack is awesome though, not the best ever but above par, but not worth paying for IMO

    Won't be buying though

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