Dead Or Alive: Paradise Is A Game About Beautiful Characters, Y’See

Dead Or Alive: Paradise Is A Game About Beautiful Characters, Y’See

Even though Tecmo Koei America seems happy to market the fact that Dead or Alive: Paradise is called “cheesy” and “creepy,” the game’s director says it isn’t softcore porn, but a game trying to show that women are “beautiful characters.”

“From our perspective, we’re trying to make beautiful women, that has been the focus,” says Yoshinori Ueda, sounding like a bachelor whose girlfriend found the porn stash. “We want our characters to be beautiful. The DOA characters are strong and that they look the way they do is based on trying to bring out the beauty of women.”

See! A game about getting bikini babes to pose for your camera, that’s not about depositing images in your spank bank, that’s about bringing out the beauty of women. It’s a beautiful game! Why is Tecmo to blame for your dirty minds?

“We’re certainly not trying to degrade women,” he added in remarks to Eurogamer. “They have beautiful bodies. We’re trying to show off the beauty of their bodies but we’re not trying to be degrading about it – we’re trying to show that they are beautiful characters.”

Baby, baby, of course I respect you for your mind; you just have an amazing rack, and I respect you for that, too. Now put your leg on that chair and smile for me. *Click*

DOA: Paradise Goal Was Not Soft Porn [Eurogamer]


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