Dead Space 2 On PC Now "Under Consideration"

Proving the power of internet hope, EA's Jeff Green has announced today that, despite earlier reports indicating otherwise, there may well be a PC version of Dead Space 2.

"Rumour fact check", the ex-games journo and now Electronic Arts employee wrote on his Twitter account today. "There *will* be a PC version of Dead Space 2. Worry not!"

And to think, we spent a whole day worrying. What a waste! Handily, we saved some worry for later, as Green popped back on shortly after to add "Fact checking my fact check: Dead Space 2 PC is just "Under Consideration." DOH I'm just an excitable PC dork. Should I start the petition?"

Sounds a lot like Green asked somebody, was told "yes", then was told by PR "yes, but you can't say yes. Yet."

[Greenspeak @ Twitter]


    I'm fine for them messing around with us, as long as at the end of the day, I hear a big fat "YES!!".

    To reiterate, I have a copy of the first game, and it is wonderful. The gameplay was solid, though I hope this time around should they release it for PC, they fix their Vsync settings. When it turns on, the speed of the game slows down and the mouse becomes delayed in response. Turning it off removes the issue.

    Other than that, I've never played a current PC game with such quick load times. I kid you not the first load of the game took around 3 seconds, and moving to the next level was around 2 seconds or less!

    I hope this is true or I'm not buying the game.

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