Dead Space 2 (Probably) Won't Be Scaring The PC

Over the past few years, EA has been quite kind to PC gamers, bringing the platform ports of games like Mirror's Edge and Dead Space that other publishers wouldn't have bothered with. Looks like that benevolent spell is over.

During EA's financial results reporting earlier in the week, Dead Space 2 was listed as a console and handheld (!) title. It was not listed as a PC title. Innocent oversight or signal of intent?

Sadly, it's the latter, EA telling Blues News "As of right now a PC sku is not in the plan."

As someone who played the first game on PC - and enjoyed the improved graphics - that's a damn shame.

No PC Dead Space 2 [Blues News]


    I'm with you Luke, I played the first game on my PC and really liked how much nicer it looked over my brother's PS3 version. I'll be really disappointed if they end up deciding not to have a PC version of Mirror's Edge 2 though, the first was a lot better to play with a keyboard and mouse.

      Disagreed, I had both the PS3 version and PC, don't ask why, but I genuinely think there was no significant disparity between the graphics. My computer maxed it out happily at 1440x900 (it's a very well optimised game, I'll give it that) but I still prefer it on the big screen, with big speakers, and on the whole it was just a lot more impressive on the console. Also, over the shoulder games are definitely better on consoles... the mouse acceleration curve in Dead Space was ridiculous, it felt a lot stiffer than the pad. And don't get me started on how much better a thumbstick is than WASD...


        The PC version was simply stunning at 1920x1200 - I couldn't believe how well the engine was optimized.

        Admittedly, I used my USB Xbox 360 controller so avoided the problems that ppl had with control schemes.

        So many good sequels coming out on PC this year: Mass Effect 2, BioShock 2, Crysis 2 it's really sad that Dead Space 2 won't grace the platform...

    I don't play shooters on console so EA won't get my money.

    The first one was alright, but I eventually got bored and still haven't got round to finishing it anyhow.
    (I still don't get why people complain about other games being too short, Dead Space strikes me as too long)

    I'll only buy on PC. I bought the original and all its merchandise.

    Oh, and I don't think this news is much of a surprise really... it's already happened to a few series... i.e. Gears of War, and I can't see a Halo 3 PC coming along any time soon... It's pretty much because PC gamers think it's their right to not pay for games, and then they wonder why they only get console ports nowadays... by the looks of this, even the developers don't want to port their games. And so many people still think PC is at the forefront of gaming? Lol @ them.

      Any particular reason you are so anti-pc gamer. You come across as a total jerk. The fact is the average PC gamer is not rampantly pirating games like you suggest. The average gamers does not think it is their right to download games, the ones that do generally do it because companies treat those who legitimately purchase games like pirates. Those that do pirate mainly do it because paying $100 for a pathetic console port isn't worth it. Those console ports are why PC gaming isn't at the forefront these days, developers just don't care any more about PC gaming.

      Thanks to Steam PC pirating has gone down significantly. No one I know has bothered with pirating a game in a long time as it is quicker and safer (there are a lot of trojans disguised as pirated games) to get it from Steam. Initiatives like building online communities that can only be used by legitimate game owners are also helping to bring down piracy numbers.

        The amount of console ports come as a result of piracy, it's not the cause. I'm not "anti" PC either, it just seems like a pretty hopeless endeavour to be an exclusive PC gamer. I say for the billionth time, if the PC is the best platform, how come there hasn't been a big budget exclusive FPS since Crysis in 2007? I mean people universally proclaim the PC as superior for FPS, but why are there no more games that really push the platform?

        And I think you're totally understating the piracy situation... what you're basically saying is that the developers brought it on themselves, and that makes it okay? I'm not one of those anti piracy campaigners, but you have got to prioritise... when it's choking the industry to a point where it's no longer profitable to port console games, let alone make AAA exclusives. PC gamers are the biggest hypocrites.

    yeah i got to play all 3 versions and the PC was by far the best

    i bought deadspace on steam and was honestly disapointed, it looked nice but lost my interest after 2 hours of repedetive objectives and bland repedative scenery

    Damnit, the first one is a dream to play on the PC, no bugs excellent controls and the brilliant UI.

    I hope that they reconsider this, though I have been disappointed before. The first was great to play on the PC, and was great even if it was another console port. Very playable and very entertaining experience.

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Don't leave us PC players without gaming goodness!

    Come one, this doesn't even make sense - they develop ALL games ON PCs, and PCs are easier to code for, and if you go via steam, with valve anti-pirate DRM, then not only is distribution cheaper (than the consoles)but piracy isn't SOOOooo bad either.

    I thought everyone hated the PC version because of the controls.

    The controls were slightly annoying but it was still a much more pleasant experience on the PC. I just find it silly they're making a handheld version and not bothering with a PC version. Go figure the only thing they want to do is make money. Oh well, won't be getting my money this time around, not too keen on playing the game on a console.

    So... "sku" has graduated from a mere acronym to a word now?

    of course they arent making pc version, i would have pirated it XD

    PC version of Deadspace 1 sucked, the control scheme was just weird, the mouse lag totally killed it for me.

    So I don't really care if they bother with a deadspace 2 for pc.

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