Dead Space Extraction, Planet Cracker Coming To XBLA, PSN?

Visceral Games' Dead Space 2 may not be the next game you play in the sci-fi franchise. Recent surveys point to an Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network port of Wii misfire Dead Space Extraction and something brand new, Planet Cracker.

The description for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 port of Dead Space Extraction indicates that any planned port of the game would feature the same on-rails "guided first-person experience" gameplay, touted as an "interactive horror experience" in "full HD". A tentative price of $US15 was mentioned in the survey forwarded to Kotaku.

Another title, known as Planet Cracker, was potentially more interesting. Described as a "resource strategy game where players will manage a CEC Mining operation", Planet Cracker focuses players on attempting to "maximise their daily profit" and "defending their hard-won ore from Space Pirates".

Planet Cracker was billed as an extension to the story of Dead Space 2 and could yield "in-game rewards" for the retail version of the sequel, similar to the Fable II Pub Games that preceded Lionhead's role-playing game and netted players in-game gold.

Both Dead Space Extraction HD and Planet Cracker were listed a possible incentives for Dead Space 2 that could be unlocked to those who pre-purchased the game.

While the survey appears legitimate, EA's plans may change and we're labelling this information as rumour until any official announcements are made. We've contacted Electronic Arts to get clarification but have not yet heard back.


    Nice, that sounds awesome!

    Dead Space: Extraction HD... you would have to assume that it would be compatible with Sony's upcoming motion-controller then, as I don't know many people who own a lightgun for PS3 and it wouldn't be overly enjoyable to play with a controller.

    I hope these do make it onto PSN as I've heard good things about DS:E.

    I think it would be great if they put the dead space armor into mass effect 2, thatd be sweet.

      I swear Zaeed's outfit looks like a modded Dead Space suit.

    As one of the few that actually bought Dead Space: Extraction, I can confirm it is genuinely good. An on-rails game, yes, but by far the most complicated on-rails game yet made, with extremely impressive production values.

    The game needs to get out to more players.

    However, even though it is a relatively brief game, a FULL HD (i.e. 1080p) version would be a large download unless it were merely the same textures etc. of the Wii version, but natively rendered in 1080p.

    And in all likelihood, it will be natively rendered in 720p. But who knows?

    I think a reason DS:E didn't sell much was that it was given a full-game price, even if it was a Wii on-rails game. A low-priced DLC version would get it out to many more consumers.

    Picked up a copy of DS:Extraction on Wii for $20 at Kmart on Friday, so you can certainly pick it up cheap at the moment.

    Considering Natal and Sony's toy are meant to drop THIS year and Dead Space 2 isn't penciled in til NEXT year before March 2011 - then this could most possibly mean it could be compatible with their motion control.

    Here's hoping - be a great title to go with them AND a good move for digital/arcade games to have motion control.

    DS:E on 360 and PS3 is weird, it's not the kind of game you can play with a regular controller, unless you want to ruin the experience.

    Who wants to play a light gun game without IR control? Slap a Wii Remote or a fake gun in my hand and I'm perfectly fine with my movement being pre-defined, but give me a standard controller and I'm going to want to use both of those sticks.

    I sense Natal/Arc control incorporation...

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