Death Of A Wii

At the ripe old age of three, my Nintendo Wii has officially gone to join the celestial Wii Music choir. Let's hope it doesn't take drums.

I first received my Wii nine days before Nintendo rolled out their new motion-sensing console to masses of gamers and non-gamers on November 19, 2006.

That doesn't sound like a long time for a piece of solid state electronics to last. But let's compare consoles, why don't we.

The Xbox 360, a console that launched about a year before the Wii, has been beset with deaths since visiting my home. While I typically have two of the consoles at a time (a retail and a debug), and it has been the most used gaming system of the lot, that does little to explain how over the course of three years or so I had ten of the consoles die on me.

Since then, and the inner tweakings of the consoles, I've had a clean run with no Xbox 360s dying at home.

The PlayStation 3, which launched just days before the Wii, has had the best run so far without a single replacement of the retail or the debug console that I can recall.

So here you have it the gaming console death ratio:



    As it should be

    I had a PSOne for 6 years and gave it away to my wifes friend.

    A PS2 for 5 years and gave it to my brother

    My PS3 is over 2 years old

    Not one ever failed.

    Wii 0, PS3 0, 360 2. My second 360 died a month before the warranty expired so I'm hoping its 'fixed' now and wont give me any more trouble!

      I know you... :p Shall we try and integrate Kotaku? :)


      They are electronic goods, so nothing can be guaranteed, but we have seen that some have preformed better than others over time.

      My stats are below and I know I have been blessed with the gaming gods.

      Almost Launch, but first model PSone - Fine
      Launch PS2 - Fine
      Launch PS3 - Fine
      Launch PSP - Fine
      Launch Wii - Fine
      June 2007, 360 - Died once

      No issues with the Mega Drive, NEW back in the day either...

      In saying that though, my first point about them being electronic goods, I've had alot worse luck with walkmans, discmans and VCRs... so I consider that as the "evening out in the end" situation...

        * - Mega Drive, NES

        fingers broke and wrote 'NEW'

    Pretty much exactly the same as you MrBS.
    I sold my BC 60 GB ps3 for a slim (wanted one anyway and already have a ps2) just incase of YLOD or blu ray disk slot problems (although I did get frequent freezing). I replaced my old PRO 360 with an Elite about half a year ago and havent had any problems (Launch broke 12 months later, sold replacement, bought an arcade when jasper came out). No problems with the Wii, but I plan to get an imported black one :) Never had any issues with PS1's, PS2 fat had a disk read problem, slim ps2 didnt. Ive had NES SNES and N64 cart read errors but Ive had alot of those consoles. I HIGHLY recommend a NES top loader as the original toasters have a fault with the connections. No problems with a top loader though but very rare.

    The only console i've ever had that has died on me was my very first Playstation, and i had that almost 6 years before any problems started, i think it was the laser that would stop reading the disk. But it died just around the time the PSone slim was cheap so i got one of those.

    I am completely abnormal here. I do have 0:0:3 ratio, BUT the 3 is the PS3. In fairness its more like it broke once and Sony just didn't fix it properly the first 2 times.

    Knock on wood I haven't had a 360 die yet... but I have spent the cost of one in battery packs for the controllers.

    I've had 3 Playstaion 1 die. Had 3 Playstation 2 die. Had 5 Xboxes all still good (gave to friends and family as media centres)still have 2 myself. Had Halo Xbox 360 die, bough arcade going strong. Wii is second hand and still going good. Havent had need for the PS3 yet.

    I'm up to my third PS3 (The BD Drive failed on both previous models) Second Wii (The first refused to identify nunchuck) and fourth 360 (Do I even need to say?)

    So far all I've only lost a PS2 because it was stolen. Having an awesome run with the PlayStations so far. My 360 hasn't got RROD after 2 years of occasional use yet... touchwood!

    SNES didn't break so much as the cartridges get dusty. Had to exercise them lungs to fix it ;)

    I had to return my launch console only after a month of play, but then again I heard a lot of launch consoles had weaker disc lasers.

    1 x NES = No problems ever, still working
    1 x SNES = No problems ever, still working
    1 x N64 = No problems ever, still working
    1 x Wii = No problems ever, still working

    As far as I'm concerned Nintendo make quality products that last. I have had to replace the D-Pads and analogue sticks in controllers, but that's a given.

    I got my Wii at launch and it's still going strong.

    Wth the hell are you guys doing with your consoles? I use mine heavily and havent had to replace any of them once (ps2 and ps3).

      Even my NES and SNES are still working... I traded in my n64. I wonder how its doing *sobs*

    My wii broke recently. Second console Ive had thats broken, the first one was a really old atari which I think was owned by my dads cousins before it got to us.
    Thankfully though Ive discovered I can fix my Wii by replacing the disc laser
    (consoles Ive owned: 2xAtari 2600; NES; N64; PS2; Wii; PS3)

    Never lost a playstation (1, 2 or 3)
    Never owned a 360
    Wii's still going, not that i've checked in the 3 months since last use :P

    nes still works, snes still works, ps1 still works, ps2 got destroyed by children pulling it by the controller onto the concrete and smashing the lazer, wii might still work... its red light is definatley still on... ps3 3 yrs old and not so much as a freese, the thought of owning a 360 scares me since i had a mate who after his 360s 6th redring went out and got an elite... that redringed and sent that in which M$ replaced with an arcade and refused to send him back his elite even tho he provided a recept to prove he origonaly had an elete, probably on my 6th pc worth of internal parts since 2002 but only my 2nd case.

    SNESx2, PS1, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360x2, N64, Gamecube, Wii.
    SNES died of unknown causes, other still working. Old 360 arcade (model just before HDMI came in) died of RROD after having a colony of ants in it (no, even I don't know too much about that one), second (new arcade) going strong.

    NES: working
    SNES: working
    N64: working
    GC: working
    Wii: working
    360: bought it 2nd hand cos apparently it RROD on the original owner, but it turned out fine, so no RROD for me... yet

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