Dedicated Server For Aliens Vs. Predator Coming Soon

Aliens vs. Predator released today, and PC players are stuck with peer-to-peer matchmaking for a little longer while Rebellion gets a dedicated server ready "in the next few days," according to the studio.

In a Steam forum post today, Rebellion had this to say:

Rebellion are busy preparing the dedicated server for the Aliens vs. Predator community. We hope to have a beta release with reduced functionality out in the next few days and further updates to improve functionality and fix bugs over the next few weeks. The files will be available to download from the "Tools" tab in the Steam client and will be a free download.

If that's not good enough, well, that's what the singleplayer campaign's for, I guess.

Aliens vs. Predator PC Dedicated Server Available "In The Next Few Days" [VE3D]


    At least they're making an effort... not like Infinity Ward.

    "Aliens vs. Predator released today, and PC players..."

    is it out now? did street date break? someone pls tell me

      The game is only released for American Steam users m'afraid.

    Nah greg, i've been looking everywhere, street date hasn't broken yet. (unless I've missed something)

    Nice to know they are putting in the effort, lets just hope they don't pull an 'infinity ward' and promise the servers, then bail when the time comes.

      damn just from the way the article was worded it sounded like it had dropped

    It is out, retailers are selling.

      are you sure

    Nice to know dedicated servers were just an after-thought, after being a feature...

    It's out officially 18th for stores and 20th for steam.

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