Developer: Not Many People Hook Their PSP Up To The PSN

Dylan Cuthbert, boss of PixelJunk creators Q Games, has told G4 that few gamers bother hooking their PSPs up to the PlayStation Store.

"At this time, we have no plans for more stuff on the PSP", he told the station's blog. "I don't think it's piracy that has deflated sales, I just don't think many people hook their PSPs up to the PSN store yet. We only enjoy making games if at least a few people play them! So everyone, hook your PSPs up to the store and download some games!"

Maybe people are still scarred by the way you used to have to connect to the PlayStation Store, before the PSP got Wi-Fi access to it? That was an awful process. Those scars run deep.

Reaction Time: Q Games Reflects On Their Latest Downloadable, PixelJunk Shooter [G4, via Edge]



    I use the PSP store pretty much entirely to download PS1 games. That said I was fortunate enough to have wi-fi access at the time I bought my PSP so connecting online was relatively painless.

    As much as I love Q games, I am really annoyed at how they have been carrying on with the PSP. It's been selling really well, with being at the top of the charts quite a lot of the time but all they can do is bitch and moan.

    I hooked up to the Playstation store and found nothing but rubbish. Just like all PSP games and anything PSP related, I regret ever buying that piece of crap. I hate it. I HATE IT SO MUCH!! AAAAAAAAARGH!!!!

      I know, right. I haven't seen Mario pop up once in any PSP game! How crap is that!?

    It doesn't help that it's an absolute mess. Have more than one PSN account? Have fun typing in all the details every single time you want to log in. Stupid thing can't even handle multiple profiles... (well, it couldn't last time I used it, anyway)

    Just use my PS3 instead!

      Agreed, I'd rather download things to the PS3 and use RemotePlay when I want to get them. Since AdHoc party for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite requires the PS3 anyway, it's the only way I'm likely to bother connecting to PSN.

    if it could handle wpa2 i'd go on there. but, im not going to forfeit my wifi security just to use psn on my psp. now and then i'll hook it up to my ps3 and transfer games that are compatible but thats about it. then again, i never even use the damn thing anyway. the only time i turn it on is when new cfw is released and they are few and far between now. damn you dax! why wont you come back? i really should just sell the bloody thing.

    When the PSP version is cheaper than the PS3 version I will probably purchase Monsters; but I have already bought it for PS3, so why should I repurchase, at a higher cost for a lower specification for a game I can remote play already?

    PS3 Monsters : $8.45 + $4.95 (DLC Island)
    PS3 Racers, Eden & Shooter : $12.95 each + $4.95 (DLC)

    PSP Monsters : $19.95


    Having said this, I do frequently d'l demos & comics for my PSP on the PSN.

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