Diablo III's Female Monk Has The Cutest Haircut

Game developer Blizzard has already shown the male version of the Diablo III monk. It hasn't shown the female version. Until now.

Diablo III has four character classes announced so: Witch Doctor, Wizard, Barbarian and Monk. This concept art is for the female version of the existing monk.

In previous games, players were locked to a class/sex combo.

The character's official page has the female in-game character model as well.

Check it out. And that pixie hair!


    *sigh*, everytime i hear news about diablo 3, it actually makes me SAD instead of excited, seeing as we wont be seeing this game for another full year minimum :(

      ...and because it looks like crap?

      I'm sorry bro =p

    pixie and emo are very different i think you should correct that

    Sexy. This one gets the thumbs waaaaaay up!

    and we only had to wait how long. plz hurry up blizzard

    On yet another playthrough of diablo.. I hope this one is a bit more balanced. I just realized how poorly balanced D2 is. Granted it predates game-balance, D2's class disparity is a crime!

    The person that drew that got very very lazy. The entire body is almost a mirror image on each side. Check out the arms and hands - exactly the same.

      The person that drew that was very likely a concept artist, and sometimes (usually always) time is more crucial a factor than precise rendering. The modellers and animators aren't looking for a pin-up poster or cover art, they're looking for a concept that they can refine and work on once it's okayed by an art director.

      Besides, I doubt Blizzard would be in the habit of employing lazy concept artists given that it's such a stressful and competitive field. Lazy concept artists don't last long.

    = Ellen DeGeneres

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