Disney's Guilty Party A Whodunnit Of Minigames

Don't be alarmed by that "party" in the title. Disney Guilty Party from Wideload Games, announced today at Nintendo's media summit in San Francisco, looks like more than your average Wii mini-game collection.

From the developer of Stubbs the Zombie and Hail to the Chimp and published by their new owner Disney Interactive Studios, Guilty Party feels more like board game Clue ported to the Wii. Players will assume the role(s) of members of the Dickens Detective Agency cooperatively or competitively to solve crimes just like real detectives - through Wii Remote controlled mini-games. That involves lock picking, torch waggling and, as seen in new screens below, hypnotising suspects by pocket watch.

Disney Guilty Party, unlike many of the other Wii games highlighted by Nintendo today, is due in the second half of 2010.


    Utterly typical Wii shovelware trash.

      I'm not so sure. If it's done well and makes the kids think a little as they put the clues together then it could be good fun. Pacing and repetitiveness will be the big problem - and remember the target audience - this is Disney after all.

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