DLC Removal Threatens Halo 2 Farewell

Downloadable content for the original Xbox has been taken offline as Microsoft prepares to terminate the console's online support. One problem: Matchmaking restrictions require all Halo 2 DLC to play it online. That could make for a small going-away party.

Here's the situation: Matchmaking requirements mean those playing Halo 2 on the Xbox 360 need all of the maps to participate online. So for those who never got all of the Halo 2 maps, or lost them for whatever reason, there really is no way for them to get into the April 14 farewell Bungie has planned (or play Halo 2 at all before then.)

This afternoon, a Bungie community manager stepped in to say they were "On it. Not sure what, if any, solution we can work out, but we definitely can't adjust the playlists over the weekend. Sit tight."

So it seems that Bungie is aware their farewell attendance could be decimated by current conditions and plans to do something about it.

If not, one consequence could be a huge spike in the grey market value of the game's Multiplayer Map Pack. Forum posters already are talking about trying to find one at game retailers. Although three maps were released after that disc, so it's unclear if getting that disc would solve the Halo 2 problem.

Subject: Anyone Else Having Trouble Downloading Halo 2 Maps? [Bungie.net]


    I think thats abit bad IMO.... Removing content which we have ritghfully paid for... after all its not like we can back it up at all aye..

    Rather crappy way for Microsoft to treat the cash-cow that literally made them in this industry.

    How long till Live suffers this same fate?
    Is keeping some servers running really that big of a deal?
    Piracy says: Not at all good buddy! Come jump on the good fight! Where we dont mark up games in your country, censor them, or take away your access to said product.

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