Does Just Cause 2 Even Need A Story?

When you can tie a man to the back of a fighter jet and take to the sky with him screaming behind you, does your game really need a plot?

Developer Avalanche is obviously trying too hard. There is really no need for you to have a compelling narrative in a game where I can launch my enemies into mountainsides via a fighter jet. In fact, giving me a story might just be too overwhelming. Look at my time with Grand Theft Auto IV. I spent 10 hours dicking around town, completing maybe five or six missions, passing the remaining time by running all over the place causing mayhem. By the time I got back to the story I found it far too boring to continue.

Just give me wide-open spaces, some stupid enemies to screw with, and a plot that consists of nothing more complicated than X hero goes to Y place for Z reason.


    Good god yes... fuck the plot, this looks like a sandbox game with it's priorities right. I can't believe how good it looks either...

    These videos don't work for me, just black screens, any tips?


        Same here, and refreshing won't work.
        It's most likely to do with the source of the video being blocked by whoever administers the internet.
        YouTube being the most obvious source that's always blocked.
        Stupid work not letting me waste time and being a "productive and energetic peer".
        Whatevzzzzzzzzzzz :p

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