Don't Worry, DSi XL Fits In My Rear Left Pocket case you were wondering if a jeans pocket could hold the DSi XL. (I'd mention that I've been sitting on this photo for a few weeks due to Nintendo embargo restrictions, but you'd accuse me of making a pun.)


    .....So it dosen't fit into your rear right pocket then?

      Maybe he was feeling so lazy that he only wanted to test the one pocket, and couldn't even be bothered to look at the other one. Fair enough, if you ask me.

      What I want to know is, have you tried sitting on it? We consumers need someone to test this out for us...

    Putting DSiXL in your back pocket like that is asking for pick pocket to snatch it away.

    My question is does it fit in your front pocket and still allow you to sit down comfortably?

    Its all fun and game until you sit down, forgetting that you have a DS in your back pocket and hearing the blood curdling crack. Thats why i dont use my rear jeans pocket just in case.

    how can u forget that u've got something in your pocket that's pretty big and conspicuous, and sit on it? i can imagine the kind of weight and effect it'll have on your gait. it's not something you wouldn't notice.

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