Don't You Hate How Much Space Special Editions Take Up?

But don't you? Really? As see on 読みゲー.


    Yes and no. All my special editions live in a closet because there isn't anywhere else to put them, they don't fit anywhere eles, but i love the content (for the most part). So i suppose i have a love-hate relationship. Also, i don't have a stand or display unit to store all my games in so space is always limited, hate that.

    I didn't have that much of a problem with my special editions, until I got Bioshock 2 and the box is the size of my laptop :\

    Props to that jap gamer importing the US version of Blazblue. Same here buddy!

    I think the God of War III box will fit that whole shelf of Spec Eds inside it...

    Well the special edition version of Bioshock 2 wont fit on that shelf.

    And that's why I don't bother with CE anymore, and ended up throwing out most of my game boxes when I moved house. Such a waste of space...

    Halo 3 Legendary Edition
    Batman Arkham Asylum Special Edition
    Street Fighter IV Special Edition
    Sacred 2 Special Edition

    Those 4 alone take up more space than the 11 that dude has. Just picked up the Bioshock 2 Special Edition as well, AvP Hunter Edition is next week, not to mention Resident Evil 5 Special Edition, Saints Row 2 Special Edition, Far Cry 2 Special Edition.... I'm being over run by special editions. =(

    This is exactly why I don't purchase collectors or limited editions of games. Only exception was forza 3 because I really wanted vip and the extra cars.

    I think these days the standard edition is more of a collectors item.

    Why does he has street fighter 4 on xbox when he has a ps3. ps3 is more popular in japan and he would be more able to get some online games going.

    He must be nub.

      "He must be a nub."
      That made me actually lol :p

    I always get sucked in to buying the collectors edition but then realise later that I don't even really use the crap I get with it..... but I still get them anyway.

    AVP Hunter Edition is just around the corner, but the difference here is... I get to scare the bejesus outta people with a lifesize facehugger. Now that to me is something worth getting excited about. Honestly though..... we've only ever seen a mockup of these things and not seen the actual product, so they may really be shit. Better not be.

    Yes actually I do. I don't have many special editions of games though.

    I hate that they don't fit into disc towers and therefore have to go in a cupboard

    Also, whats the deal with PC game box sizes, all over the place

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