Dragon Age Action Figures Will Probably Look Like This

If you want Dragon Age: Origins action figures, DC Comics' collectible division has you covered. DC Unlimited will give gamers a quartet of plastic, fully poseable action later this year.

Recently announced but heretofore lacking in photographic evidence, the four Dragon Age figures are due to ship on September 29. As you can see for yourselves, the Duncan, Genlock, Morrigan and Loghain figures feature the same solid sculpts that DC Unlimited has become known for with its World of Warcraft figures, but are still "pending licensor approval."

Should things change for the better, we'll no doubt let you know.


    Is it just me or do these look really bad? Especially the duncan one

    Duncan doesn't look quite right, but the rest are brilliant.

    Wow, they look like shit

    No Alistair or Zevran? I'm disappointed. I can't fangirl over Loghain >->

    Really? Who says, "I need a Loghain action figure?" Who says, "I'm glad I can buy Duncan, instead of any of the characters who survive the tutorial?" Where's Alistair and Leliana? Incredibly strange.

      Loghain could be useful...just think how happy your puppy dog would be chewing on that...

    Series 1 SHOULD have been...

    Duncan (He has to be in there somewhere...)
    Mabari Warhound

    They really not consistent in design, from sacred ashes cg, in game character face and now action figure. All of them just similar in resemblance not in details.

    Those of you asking "why Loghain/Duncan/whoever?" shoudl take note of the part where it says "Series 1". They obviously want to try and milk as many figures as they can out of the game, and it wouldn't do to release all the good ones in the first batch, would it?

      That's exactly right, there may be one or two in the first line you may not like and, maybe not you but a lot of people will get them anyway to complete the collection. It's how the human mind is built, we like to finish things... I blogged about DA on my post on Dragon Age action figures

    i agree greg, those are some terrible choices for characters. who the f wants a loghain figurine? he's an asshole

    i want leliana :(

    I'd like to see more Knife Ears

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