EA: All 2011 Titles To Feature Online Play, DLC

EA: All 2011 Titles To Feature Online Play, DLC

Publisher Electronic Arts is a big, big fan of downloadable content. So much so that it’s committing to featuring paid DLC and online play in every single title it releases during the company’s fiscal 2011.

EA COO John Schappert said during the company’s Q3 financial earnings call Monday that “every one of EA’s releases will have an online component – both downloadable content and online play”. That goes for Dead Space 2, the two Need For Speed titles and Crysis 2, as well as Fighting Title and Action Title. Everything.

Looking at the publisher’s FY 2011 line-up and its ability to sell all manner of post release content, that’s not going to be a difficult fit for EA.

Don’t be shocked if much of that digital distribution happens on EA’s terms, on par with the Cerberus Network integrated into the recently released Mass Effect 2. Gotta keep those used copies off the shelf!


  • I ain’t the biggest used copy buyer (I usually would buy off a mate or if i go into EB or JB, its when they’re dirt cheap and usually a 3 for $50 sale) – but I like EA’s tactic here.

    I hope it works for them, even if it does piss off the retailers and some gamers. It’s completely understanding WHY the publishers are pissed off over trading in.

    I hope it works for them. Especially if it means more Mass Effect games and DLC.

  • Personally I think its a sham.

    Remember the debacle with the last Battlefield game where, if you paid extra for a ‘special edition’ or something, you got way better weapons in the online games which gave you an unfair advantage (or something along those lines if I’m a little rusty on it).

    And besides, of my vast games library probably only 4 games are actually playable online because most games that have an online component don’t actually have a community of people playing them, because, believe it or not, some game just don’t lend themselves to deathmatches and capture the flag, and the single player length of game, and quality, suffers as a result (I’m talking about you Dead Space 2- I bet right now it’s multiplayer, unless its co-op, will suck).

  • I didn’t see that coming. Oh wait, yes I did – weeks ago. And Kotaku said I was cynical for pointing out that DLC is becoming a deliberate money-making exercise.

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