EA: “Something Far-Reaching Coming From Mass Effect” In 2011

EA: “Something Far-Reaching Coming From Mass Effect” In 2011

Developer BioWare has a busy 2011 ahead of them, with a new Dragon Age title, Star Wars: The Old Republic and, according to EA execs “something far-reaching coming from Mass Effect” in early 2011.

Electronic Arts COO John Schappert added that “something far-reaching” from the Mass Effect franchise to the list of upcoming titles due in the fourth quarter of the company’s 2011 fiscal year. That means something Mass Effect related arriving between January 1 and March 31 of next calendar year.

Could BioWare have Mass Effect 3 wrapped up by then? The developer’s project manager Casey Hudson noted that they “definitely want to make ‘Mass Effect 3’ a fairly short turnaround.” And, well, that would be fairly short.


    • yeah it was from one of the CGi trailers with male shep, thane and grunt fighting the collectors.. i figure it was supposed to be horizon mission or sumthing..

    • It’s from the end of the pre-renderd charecter trailer wich you can get on x-box live or game trailers.

      Could it be a proper expansion? Similar to the dragon age one?

    • It’s from the full length trailer. For some odd reason they did not release it with the actual game. Basically you have Shepard, Thane and Grunt kicking ass and they stepping over a hill to see the Collector ship in the distance.

  • This is GREAT but also a little sour news.

    As much as i hope for Mass Effect 3 tomorrow – it does seem kinda soon. I would much prefer Bioware to take their time. If it is possible, make Mass Effect even more awesome.

    A proper expansion?
    Seems a bit LATE, thats 12 months away. Heck, DA:Origins is getting a large expansion within the next weeks for a game thats not even 6 months old. I HOPE a major expansion for Mass Effect 2 comes in the same time frame.

    Then again, with the possible endings in ME2 it may work out a little weird for some. So gotta work around that…

  • Provided they can turn around something good in that time, I would love for ME3 to release in 2011. The sooner the better!

    However, the phrase “coming from Mass Effect” implies an offshoot. I can’t wait to see what’s beyond the trilogy for the franchise – playing as non-human leads, for example – but not until the trilogy is done. No distractions, please.

    • Wow. I’ve actually NEVER thought of even the possibility of playing as another species. Of corse the possibility of not being Shephard, but always thought another human.

      Don’t get me wrong, some species are interesting enough to warrant them to be a main character. But i’m just so INTO your own Shepard, that you seem to forget or not think in that direction.

      A new trilogy would need, for me, most likely be set long before or long after the trilogy of Shepard or the current Citadel. I would love a prequel with the the Protheans – but we all know their fate. A future sequel would need to be one a few hundred years so that new species etc.. joins the council or what not.

      Now i do want it sooner than later! Get to work Bioware, COMPLETE that trilogy and get to work on a new story arc.

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