EA's "Project Ten Dollar" Invades Battlefield Bad Company 2

EA's "Project Ten Dollar", the company's attempts at giving the used game business a dead arm, will be a part of Battlefiedl Bad Company 2's launch, just as it was with Mass Effect 2's.

BBC2 will feature an in-game store, access to which will be given out for free to people who purchase new copies of the game. Buy a game without this access and you'll have to pay to get into the store, which will be dishing stuff out for free to those plugged in.

So, yes, it's exactly the same as Mass Effect 2's Cerberus Network. No word on pricing yet, but if it's the same as Cerberus, you'd expect it to cost $US15, which then begs the question, "why not call it 'Project Fifteen Dollar'?"

'Battlefield Bad Company 2' Features 'Mass Effect 2'-Style DLC Access Code, In-Game Store


    /awaits the onslaught of butthurt used game buyers.

      eh they deserve it game prices might go to something respectable if we farkoff the used game markets

      As it is JB sells most games 10-20 dollars cheaper than EB because they dont really want them back

      where EB sells at max price so when you trade them back for 50 bucks aus they can sell it for 5 less than full retail

      although i do believe any game that has this should really have a Demo Mandatory so that people can make a decision whether or not they want to buy it(But then i think every game should be forced to have a proper Demo)

        While I definitely don't agree with many of ebgames practises. Thinking that game prices will be helped by it's demise is ridiculous and ignorant.

        -Butthurt Used Game Buyer

          do yourselves a favour and boycott EB games. they are not there for gamers, they are there for the mums and dads of gamers who don't know any better.
          i will never purchase from EB games again.

    Hasn't really been an issue with PC games before in terms of Online MP games because generally these days the CD key for a game is tied to an account and unless you included the account details when you sold it on, second hand as little meaning this day and age for PC gamers.

      Thats why I've moved towards PC gaming. We get cheaper (new) games because they're only fighting piracy not used game sales.

      Kinda makes alinos point, though I doubt if publishers solved the used games problem they'll discount console games. I think for them piracy offers a bigger incentive to reduce prices than used game sales.

        Yeah, even if everyone stopped trading in games, game prices won't drop. Think about before game trading became a big deal, or back a couple of generations ago. Games always sit around the $100 mark, before and after game trading got popular.

    My first experience of trading in a game as a PC player was horrific. I traded in Skate 2 which I got for free from a competition to GAME. They wanted to give me $17 for it and I pointed out that their preowned copy on the shelf no less the 2 feet from me had a bold $89.95 on it. I asked is that their final offer, and it was. I'd rather have the pleasure of melting the disc than giving it away to a bunch of tossers planning to sell it for 6 times the price.

    Any word on if there is day one stuff on there to download like mass effect 2 had?

      NVM, multilayer maps.
      I need to read better.

    There is no negative side to this. If you're a brand new copy purchaser, you get it for free. If you're a second hand purchaser, you have to ante up a few bucks to get the right to purchase dlc. Where's the loss? The company gets its slice of the second hand market and the second hand market is still allowed to thrive. The only people milking at THIS point are EB and other 2nd handers who refuse to drop more than 5 dollars off the 2nd hand price to compensate... I saw a copy of ME2 which was only 5 dollars off brand new, I literally had an argument with them over it trying to get them to knock 20 more dollars off, advising I may buy it if they did, in the end they said no, only 5 dollars, so I went to gametraders and got a brand new copy anyhow.

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