EB Collects 46,000 More Voices For R18+

EB Games weighed in on the classification debate with support for Grow Up Australia as well as a nationwide petition in their 350 stores. Yesterday it was announced they collected 46,000 signatures which will be included with a submission to the Attorney-General’s classification discussion.

Petitions can be pretty weak sauce in situations like this, but when you approach 50,000 names at a retail outlet that isn’t considered to be the retailer of choice amongst the hardcore, you can add real weight to the discussion.

How much weight? EB Games says their delivery to the Attorney-General’s Department is about 158kg of paper.

The submission counts both 30,000 hand signed submissions in just two weeks at EB stores, as well as the 16,000 submissions collected online thanks to Grow Up Australia.

In just two weeks. Think about that.

In 1993 there were six written submissions.
In 2001 there were 372.

In 2010, excluding ‘petition numbers’ we can still expect over 35,000 written submissions. Keep them flowing.

Remember, you have to have yours in by Sunday. This isn’t about Atkinson, it’s about expressing your mature, reasonable perspectives on the future of how games should be treated under Australian classification laws.


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