EB Collects 46,000 More Voices For R18+

EB Collects 46,000 More Voices For R18+

EB Games weighed in on the classification debate with support for Grow Up Australia as well as a nationwide petition in their 350 stores. Yesterday it was announced they collected 46,000 signatures which will be included with a submission to the Attorney-General’s classification discussion.

Petitions can be pretty weak sauce in situations like this, but when you approach 50,000 names at a retail outlet that isn’t considered to be the retailer of choice amongst the hardcore, you can add real weight to the discussion.

How much weight? EB Games says their delivery to the Attorney-General’s Department is about 158kg of paper.

The submission counts both 30,000 hand signed submissions in just two weeks at EB stores, as well as the 16,000 submissions collected online thanks to Grow Up Australia.

In just two weeks. Think about that.

In 1993 there were six written submissions. In 2001 there were 372.

In 2010, excluding ‘petition numbers’ we can still expect over 35,000 written submissions. Keep them flowing.

Remember, you have to have yours in by Sunday. This isn’t about Atkinson, it’s about expressing your mature, reasonable perspectives on the future of how games should be treated under Australian classification laws.



    • The R18+ classification needs no more justification than this: Without it, games which no other similar country (the US, the UK, etc) would classify as suitable for 15 year olds are being released under the 15+ age band because there is no other alternative. The lack of a full rating spectrum is forcing things down into a lower rating far more often than it’s banning them.

      Seems like it should be a hot button issue for conservatives. Should be used as a soundbite -way- more often.

  • Even I’ve put in a submission, and I’m typically too apathetic and lazy to do anything.

    But will this really make a difference. At what point can Atkinson no longer ignore it, surely there must be a point where his higher ups will come down on him if he refuses to budge?

    Honestly the lack of R18 rating at this point is so ridiculous it would be funny if it were fiction rather than reality.

    • No amount of submissions, signatures or otherwise is going to change Michael Atkinson position.

      I think the real issue here is making Australian’s more aware of a fundamental flaw in our system where one man can hold all the power over every Australian.

  • Petitions need a hell of a lot of signitures to make parliament act on anything, just ask pretty much any MP.

    While the numbers may be huge for the discussion paper submissions and petition signitures, I have a feeling that this will mean little more than a nuisance for the staff who have to go through them (don’t apply for a job at the DAG anytime soon).

    The vast numbers can be pretty easily ignored if a “well, gamers were pretty obviously going to support this and the submissions are almost unanimously biased” approach is taken and, unfortunately, I suspect they may well be. That said, 50,000 anecdotal, committed supporters are more than enough to strengthen the case for R18 advocates in the long run.

  • Consider the protest in Melbourne about Live Music… 5,000 protested last week, and 10,000 marched this week, and made the politicians reconsider their stance.

    There are 3 State elections occurring this year, with the potential for Australia to gain 3 new Attorney Generals.

    With submissions exceeding 35,000, even if every single one of those signatures is only from a gamer, as Atkinson claims, it’s going to get those who are running in the elections to consider the issue seriously.

  • This is starting to get to me the more I think about it.

    I am 28

    If I want a buy alcohol, I but it
    If I want to buy ciggarettes i buy them
    If I wanted to go down to an adult shop and purchase what ever I want, I can.

    If a 14 year old tried to do these same things they would be refused on all counts.

    The issue is. I am a gamer. I don’t smoke and watch much porn and only drink occasionally.

    I want an unedited version of L4D2 so I should just go down to the local store and pick up a copy right? (yes I know NZ or UK sales are just as good) but why should I have to.

    I am a 28 year old tax payer who wanted to buy a game and can’t. What is wrong with thie ‘free’ country…

  • Honestly, we shouldn’t even need a discussion paper on this; introducing R18+ is just a logical progression of our ratings system. Europe, UK, USA and NZ all have R18+ or equivalent ratings that were efficiently introduced when required. It’s simply embarrassing that this issue would even be put to debate when any intelligent government would have added R18+ years ago with none of this ridiculous fanfare.

    Look at how long it took to even colour-code our damn classification stickers, just pathetic. If our government really cared, they would require games retailers to offer info brochures with every purchase for the parental control features of the 360, PS3 & Wii, which are surprisingly robust. I seriously doubt many parents are even aware of any of that stuff.

    • This may point to another of the jokes in the business. The R18+ may have been for video content included separate to the game.

      The video could be classified as R18+, so it was.
      The game scraped into MA15+, so that’s what it was.

      Same thing with ‘The Witcher’ having R18+ video content included with the game.

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