Europe's God Of War III Ultimate Edition Even More Ultimate

The top shelf version of God of War III coming to Europe is a bit more ultimate than the North American version, known there as the God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition. This is what it looks like.

Europe's God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition is the only way for our friends in the PAL zone to get a local copy of the God of War Collection. It's also the only way to get all that extra stuff, including the miniature Pandora's Box, art book, soundtrack, character skin, etc. etc. It's also the only way to get that lovely packaging, which those of us in North America may covet over the simpler version releasing here.

But now our European friends have to make a choice, either buy the super duper version or the God of War III PlayStation 3 bundle to get their big box fix. What's it gonna be, Europe?

God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition – Box Unveiled! [ Europe]


    i wonder how much cheaper it will be from $248

    Man, where can we get this in Aus? EB had it up on their site briefly, and fishpond is out of stock.

      The guy at EB I spoke to said the chain had already sold out of its allotment of the Ultimate Trilogy Edition. He then proceded to tell me where I could import the God of War Collection cause we can't get it otherwise.

        Awesome, but that still doesn't help me out in regards to getting the Ultimate Edition.
        Already got the God of War Collection off Play-Asia and it's a blast.
        But for some reason I just gotta get the Pandoras Box!

    I'll definitely be buying it. Even thought I already imported the GOW collection, but all the extra stuff like the making of, soundtrack, and everything else makes it worth the extra $20

    @ All... this is the pack all PAL territories were getting... and it was EB exclusive

    it's already sold out here as well... so you will have to import it from NZ or UK or something...

    as much as i love limited/collectors editions they just do anything for me anymore.... im just hopin they do a edition with all the 3 games in a 2 disc edition, all the extras are a waste now..

    The Ps3 isn't region locked so it doesn't really matter.

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