Exclusive Dead Rising 2 Prologue Coming To Xbox Live

Xbox 360 owners' wait for Dead Rising 2 just got a bit more tolerable, with the announcement of an exclusive playable prologue, Dead Rising Case 0, launching on Xbox Live prior to the game's release.

Crecente is embedded at Microsoft's X10 event in San Francisco, where he sends word of a special treat for Xbox 360 fans of Capcom's Dead Rising. Dead Rising 2 may not be the console exclusive the first game was, but it will indeed have content exclusive to the platform that launched the series.

Dead Rising Case 0 is a playable prologue mission that will be available before Dead Rising 2 hits store shelves later this year. We'll have more details on the prologue as they arrive. For now, just bask in the news.


    But I suppose Gold subs only and at what cost?

    can i haz free zumby gaem noa?

    lol so is this what its coming to? Devs releasing DLC before the game is even out :P

    Great news, any reason to slaughter more zombies is a good one!

    I wonder if it'll be as exclusive as that Fallout 3 and GTAIV DLC?

    Maybe I should go back and finish the first one... I was getting frustrated that I couldn't save everyone, and then the game failed me and ruined by save because the 'arrive at a boss mission' timer ran out WHILE I WAS FIGHTING THE BOSS. So much rage.

    i only want to know when case zero is comeing out

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