Ezio Goes To Rome In The Next Assassin’s Creed

Ezio Goes To Rome In The Next Assassin’s Creed

During its third quarter financial conference call, Ubisoft revealed that the next Assassin’s Creed adventure would see Ezio visiting Rome, taking the fight to the Templar, when he’s not busy taking out his friends online.

While we’re still not sure how the online multiplayer will work in the next Assassin’s Creed, but we do have news of a new location in the game. Our favourite Italian Renaissance assassin will be travelling to Rome in the new title, with an Ubisoft representative revealing Ezio’s plans to “strike directly at the heart of the Templar Order”.

So far the Assassin’s Creed series has mainly dealt with the assassins reacting to the Templar’s actions. Perhaps now is the time to act?

The spokesperson also mentioned the multiplayer aspect once again, not delivering any real details, but stressing the importance Ubi is laying on the multiplayer side of the title.

Does this quick follow-up to Assassin’s Creed 2 mean that the franchise is going annual? “We can’t comment on that yet,” said CEO Yves Guillemot, “We are going to come very often (to) that franchise.”


  • “with an Ubisoft representative revealing Ezio’s plans to “strike directly at the heart of the Templar Order””

    Well, epic fail on Ezios part then given they attack you in modern day in part 2… oh shit sorry spoiler!

    • Wouldn’t it have been nice to put “spoiler” in capitals prior to your message?

      I would’ve thought kotaku would’ve been smart enough to edit your message, but obviously they aren’t.


    Going to Rome and striking the heart of the Templar Order, eh? Sounds cool! Sounds… a whole lot like the end of AC2. You know, where Ezio went to Rome to strike the heart of the Templar Order.

    • You couldn’t really explore Rome though, it was a very linear lever set in a corner of the Vatican. I was always disappointed by that- how they could set a game in Italy, and not have Rome….

      Rome is one of my favourite cities, exploring it in the AC Universe could be great fun.

      Anyway I hope this is DLC and not AC3… doesn’t sound like a proper sequel, just an extension of AC2.

      • I think they made the right move by not including major cities just because “it’s Italy”.
        It’s more realistic in the sense that it explores an italian man’s history and home in the countryside. Not every italian goes to rome.

        If you think about it, they had no real need to go crazy with rome – it was there to leave us in suspense for the 3rd installment, as it was the common place for the templars.
        Obviously they had an italian setting in mind for the 3rd game though – otherwise they would have actually let us explore rome.

        Besides, i personally hate rome having been there haha but that’s just me.

  • Am i the only one confused here?

    Was there not an announcement that AC3 would be released Nov. 2011 – the exact difference and time frame between the first and AC2. And therefore, same development time?


    Why have Altair in the first and Ezio is second and third. ONE of the MAIN POINTS and IMPORTANT factors of AC2 was the CHARACTER connection. You were told and experienced Ezio’s story.

    I don’t want to (even though i really liked Ezio’s character), play as Ezio again. I would like another Assassin. Another major part of both games, was BECOMING the Assassin. Altair already was, but was stripped and needed to reclaim his title. What’s Ezio gonna do? Slip whilst climbing a building, get amnesia and forget how to be an Assassin. DARN IT i just have Ubisoft and excuse.

    I LOVE AC2 – but i was really disappointed that Rome was left out the way it was. I mean – lets do Italy but not include Rome as a free-roam city. Okay, NO!
    If they do Italy again, cool, but they gotta base it years in advance so the cities can change a little and make Rome…. MASSIVE.

    But i DO NOT want AC to become an annual release. Not enough development time and i want the same dev’s as the first two working on EVERY title. Ubisoft – you have been doing so well, don’t screw it up!

    • You briefly played as Altair in AC2, and it’s entirely possible that a similar event is what is being referred to here. I would be not at all surprised if at the start of AC3 you play as Ezio, and then later move on to another assassin. This would explain why Rome was omitted from the second game, it being such an obvious choice for a city to visit.

      I expect that the game will begin with one last trip to Italy, and then move on to either a later period of time, or one of the eras mentioned in the Villa’s vault, where you received Altair’s armor.

    • This isn’t Assassin’s Creed 3. This is a spin-off title, continuing Ezio’s story while also offering multiplayer. Assassin’s Creed 3 will be a different game, and will most likely have a different protagonist in a different time period.

      I don’t know how you could’ve missed this. Kotaku has already covered it multiple times, and even in this comments section people have said the same thing.

    • ————SPOILERS————–

      If you recall at the end of the 2nd game, when desmond got in the truck, one of the girls said “you can go back and find some answers until we get to the safehouse”

      Maybe ezio is just going to be re-called while on the way there? while maybe coming back to reality to fight off abstergo people.
      Maybe there’s a huge variety of settings in the 3rd with desmond experiencing his world, ezio’s and one of his closer ancestors? (Maybe even japan for all you bloody crazy samurai people out there talking about japan since the first game)
      They haven’t gone into great detail and i now understand why they sometimes choose not to – so that people like you and me aren’t left with concepts that haven’t even come into fruition.

      Let’s not get hyped up over something we don’t know yet. Like you said, they first mentioned a 2011 release – which may still be true.

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