Fan Creates Final Fantasy VII Sequel Demo

Since Square Enix isn't terribly keen on remaking Final Fantasy VII, it's up to fans to get the job done. Like this guy, from Thailand, who's made a showreel depicting the dream project.

Sure, it looks more like a PS2 game than something you'd expect on a pS3, but with Square Enix claiming a HD remake would take years to develop, maybe the lo-fi option isn't such a bad idea.

Note: We're pretty sure he's not actually doing a remake. This is just something whipped up for fun/fan torture.

TheToNg [via Siliconera]


    That video is funny :)

    But on another note, why not release the FF7 remake using the same engine that was used in FF7 Crisis Core? I was very impressed with the high detail in that PSP game engine. Why can't they use that? Make it almost a "mini", download to PSP or PS3.
    Won't be quite HD, but should still be good enough? looks pathetic <_< i bet the guys at square enix are facepalming right now

    Love the comedy of this video, lol.

    haha nice! This is probably what it would have looked if remade on the ps2.

    And the new Tifa model was pretty good too.


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