FFXIII On PS2 Cost Square Enix A Year-and-a-Half

Not only was Final Fantasy XIII originally planned for the PlayStation 2, senior producer Yoshinori Kitase says that switching the title to the PS3 cost Square Enix "a year-and-a-half".

Late last week Kotaku posted pictures of the PS2 version of the game. The game, which was released on the PS3 last December in Japan, was formally announced as a PlayStation 3 title at the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles back in 2006.

"Final Fantasy XIII was originally meant to be a PS2 title, but we had to switch systems due to the arrival of the PS3," says Kitase. "That cost us about one and a half years and was constantly a case of trial and error."

So this is a bad thing, right? Not necessarily.

"However, because we worked so hard at the beginning, we got to a cruising speed much faster then anticipated and therefore could start on the translation and international voice recording process at an early stage of the development," Kitase continues. "It's because of this that we can release both the European as well as the American version barely three months after the Japanese release."

Dutch OPM Final Fantasy XIII Feature and Interview Scans [Final Fantasy-XIII.net via VG247]


    *snerk* can totally relate to the whole PS2/PS3 dev problem... Actually just developing for PS3 is pretty nightmare-ish much less converting assets :(

      Oh god, and having to do it as it was in it's prototype phase!?

      porting a game from (what I've heard) one difficult to program platform to an EVEN MORE difficult platform to program for...

      honestly if the game is any good at, my hat's off to them.

    Well, that explains why they didn't have time to actually make a game while making FFXIII. Easier just to have a slideshow... /snarky

      And you played the game when?

    Hahahahahahahahaha... ahhhh... lol...

    Man, that picture seems to fit with a lot of FFXIII posts huh?

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