Final Fantasy I & II, Running On The IPhone

As we told you last month, the first two games in the Final Fantasy series are on their way to the iPhone. Here, in Square Enix's patented iPhone-o-vision, is a trailer for the pair of classic re-releases.

Still no release date, sadly; all we get is a "available soon" at the end of the clip.


    As much as I love the FF series... A re-release of the re-release of a re-release... You get the point. It makes me wonder where you draw the line between acting as a news outlet and simply posting free advertising for developers.

    FF1 and 2 again?!?!?

    I would much rather see them rerelease FF6 and/or FF7 on iphone than another rerelease of FF1+2

    I'll happily play FF2 on the iPhone/iPod Touch, if it means being able to have it with me at all times & not having to lug my PSP around.

      Agreed. I've found it much better having these old games on my iPhone, because I can play them *anywhere*, I don't have to think "hmmm I'm going to have 10 minutes free after this class" or "hmm going to have to wait 5 minutes in a queue at this shop" in the morning wondering if I should stuff a PSP into my pocket...

    Is it me or does the soundtrack with this clip sounds like the theme song for black addar??

    I highly doubt any work went into this other than emulating the DS edition of FF1&2 to work on the iPhone. This is purely a money grab at little effort... and frankly, why not. Its surely earnt as much as its going to on DS by now.

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