Final Fantasy VII & Rap Deals 9999 Damage

The same guys behind the brilliant Ocarina of Rhyme, Team Teamwork, have just released another mix of hip-hop and game soundtrack in the form of "Vinyl Fantasy VII".

Just like Ocarina, it takes the original music from the game and overlays it with the tracks from rappers like Murs, Ghostface and MF Doom.

Was never the biggest fan of FFVII's soundtrack on its own, but as a mix tape project, this one works even better than Ocarina did. Highly recommended.

[Vinyl Fantasy VII]


    I don't particularly like rap but I will say that this was very well done. Some songs seemed a little wierd but still it was amusing.

    I'm trying to like this, but its still generic autotuned rap pasted over classic FFVII scores... i don't see the attraction.

    "Was never the biggest fan of FFVII’s soundtrack on its own."
    Ooh careful there buddy. Otaku can be vicious.

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