Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Bundle Is Drooltastic

Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Bundle Is Drooltastic

Square Enix has pulled out the stops on the Xbox 360 bundle version of Final Fantasy XIII. You want extras? How about limited edition faceplate, engraved hard drive, and downloadable Avatar items? You’ll even get a copy of the actual game. How much would you expect to pay?

The Special Edition Bundle includes an Xbox 360, naturally, along with a 250GB HDD engraved with the FINAL FANTASY XIII name and two bog-standard white wireless controllers.

The downloadable Avatar items exclusive to the bundle include two outfits, Rosch and Nabaat, as well as a Chocobo pet for your Avatar. Why can I already hear pre-orders slapping down just for that one? Those Avatar items are definitely starting to get people in a lather.

The faceplate has been designed by Tetsuya Nomura, and while they’re not talking numbers Square Enix has said this is a fixed quantity item only available through promotions like this.

Yours for $599. Pre-order today, grab it on March 9. How’d you like the sound of that?


    • Best Buy had them for sale for 9.99 which made me /boggle as I thought they were supposed to be “exclusive” and “limited” for people who “pre-order” the bundle. Recently BestBuy also raised their price of the faceplate to 49.99 i would imagine to sway more ppl who want the faceplate to buy the actual bundle (which they offer for free with a pre-order)

      Funny thing is everywhere else that offers the faceplate with the bundle as a pre-order bonus dosent have it listed for sale and say you can only get it through pre-ordering.

      The confusion over this damn thing is starting to irritate me

  • Why does it come with 2 controllers? Doesn’t make a lot of sense for a J-RPG bundle. Anyway, that engraved HDD is pimp.

      • That’s not really a valid reason – 360 controllers have removable batteries, so there’s no need to have two controllers for battery purposes.

        Anyway, nice to see a bundle that goes the extra mile with content instead of just sticking a particular game in with the console.

    • Good point – but all the 250GB bundles thus far have come with 2 controllers, so i guess they’re sticking with that choice.

      I wouldn’t really complain considering the price of it anyway, even if this is a single player game bundle.

      • Yet Modern Warfare 2 – a game that came bundled with 2 controllers in the very bundle like this one (250 GB) – doesn’t allow co-op online on the same console.

        COD series, as much as i like (or liked – can’t decide really) it, it really pissed me off when it came to multiplayer. Halo will forever own online gaming.

        How hard is it to put at LEAST 2 player co-op in online multiplayer!

  • lol the exclusive avatar pet… that I’ve already got. Must be very exclusive. And avatar clothes… that will probably be released on the marketplace anyway.

    Only reason i’d get it is for that sweet looking HD, but i’m happy with my MW2 console

  • Was thinking about trading in my 360 for the bundle after hearing about the avatar items but after learning what they are i’ll take a pass, why would I want Rosch and Nabbat outfits, I was expecting something like lighting and Snow outfits. I think its certain that other FF13 avatar items will be coming for the xbox. I’ll just pay 50 for the faceplate since i’m a big fan.

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