Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Ships On Three Discs, Says GameFly

Square Enix, to the best of our knowledge, has not officially nailed down the amount of disc-swapping Xbox 360 owners will need to do to enjoy Final Fantasy XIII on Microsoft's console. But retailer GameFly may know.

The online rental service notes in its product description of the Xbox 360 version of FF XIII that it is "a three disc game," meaning at least two breaks in adventuring for those who opt for the non-Blu-ray, non-PlayStation 3 version. Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama had previously noted that Square Enix was shooting for a three disc count in preserving the experience for Xbox 360 gamers.

We're double checking with Square Enix about the disc count, realising that GameFly rarely pulls these details from thin air.

Now that this closely guarded and largely inconsequential factoid has finally been revealed, we can all move on with our lives and something something something.

Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360 [GameFly - thanks, Kevin!]


    option to install the games to HD and play no matter which FFXIII disc is in there would be nice - if people are happy to use up 27gb, just give them the option. Doesn't bother me, will be getting the PS3 version.

      Agree this would be a much better option, or to prevent sharing 1 game across 3 xbox360's they should make it disc 1 should be used or something like that :)

      Like what the FF MMO did. INstall it onto the drive and play it direct off the drive :D

    So I guess this is the lack of storage space that 8GB regular DVD's have that sony fanboys have been going on about for years but after 5 years with them and no games requiring it yet until now, it was probably a great bet on MS's behalf to keep the xbox with this media when they first designed it. And this is only 1 game. The fanboys would've had you believe that by now, every single xbox game would span 5 discs LOL. Guess they had to justify their expensive purchase with bluray being forced upon them. I'm glad I got one free with my Sony Bravia HDtv promotion. Great console but could/should be better.

      Mass Effect 2
      **Cough cough**

        okay yeah..... you got me there... although that only just came out too so really it's still true of what I'm saying. Most games haven't needed all that space and only a handful will in this generation. Next generation may be a different story though.

      Lost Odyssey
      *Cough cough*

        If I recall, Lost Odyssey even gave you the option to change voice language. You had the choice of English, Japanese and Korean.

      Pointless rant of the year? yessir

      not to mention *Cough* Frickin' Halo: ODST *Cough Cough*

        ODST was technacly 2 games over 2 discs... soo yeah

        Lamest attempt at drilling someone of the year, i think so!

          Just pointing out a fact was not really drilling anyone.

      Star Ocean 4
      *Cough cough*

      Blue Dragon
      *cough cough*

      MGS4 used more than 8gb
      **Cough cough**

    It wouldn't even need 3 discs if it wasn't for all the FMV. Which frankly in this day and age is just silly, FMVs existed to tell a story when ingame graphics weren't up to the task. Which as virtually every western game has proven isn't the case anymore...

      Dude the FMVs from ff9 are still better then graphics used ingame today

    It would be criminal for it to not run cleanly from HD install, but regardless I fail to see how they could possibly use so much storage. Is the game mostly pre-rendered video?

    Who gives a shit, I remember when Wing Commander IV came on 7 disks. FF7 was 3 disks, FF8 was 4 disks. Gamers today are to Whiny/Lazy for their own good.

      Worst was when you play a multi-disk game and then one of your later disk is scratched on subsequent play!

      People should grow some balls. In all honesty the PS3 storage capacity is still way overboard while if you choose DVD you should expect multi-disking at some point in the future.

      Yeah pretty much. I dont remember the world ending when I had to change discs on FFVII or FFVIII...

    Doesn't bother me in the slightest. I just wish they'd put in something that would allow us to install the game to HDD (all 3 discs), then only need 1 disc to play it. I mean its not a big deal, I'm quite happy to get up and change the disc, but it would be a welcome feature


    Also MGS was 2 discs with a third in the special missions........ i say GROW A SACK to this generation.

    P.s i have a ps3 but seriously if it was more than 5 discs i would complain ...... maybe

      Damn straight. As long as all the content is there, I don't see any good reason for people to complain.

      Boo-freaking-hoo, you have to get up and change the disc every 10-20 hours of play...

    All those discs and you still get downgraded graphics...


    Doesn't bother me, as long as it doesn't prompt me to change disk every 10 minutes, I'm fine with it

    Yeah, i would be annoyed if i noticed having to change the discs only because if it's to be noticed then it is happening too often, which means the game is not long enough. Surely you would only have to change the discs twice throughout the whole play through, which you would hope is a very very long time. I don't have room on my HDD and it would be more effort to make room than to change the discs a couple of times, over a period of many many days, if not weeks..

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