Final Fantasy's Angry Australian Motorbike

Final Fantasy is a very delicate series. Effeminate, even. So you'd expect any marketing tie-ins with the game to feature delicate things. Books, clothing, artwork, etc. Not in Australia.

No, to celebrate the launch of Final Fantasy XIII in Australia, EB Games and Ubisoft (the game's distributor down under) will be giving away a motorcycle. Not a tender, feminine bike. An angry, masculine motorcycle. Worth $35,000.

All you have to do is prove you're Australia's biggest Final Fantasy fan.

Look, no offence to serious Final Fantasy fans, but... when I imagine serious Final Fantasy fans, I don't imagine you riding a machine like this.


    hahaha, the only thing i can imagine a final fantasy fan riding is a chocobo. Maybe the prize should be a yellow emu.

    So. True.
    I love Final Fantasy and I love motorbikes, but even I agree with that, when you think of a Final Fantasy fan, you don't think of the kind that rides bikes.

    I think uh... sorry to point out the obvious... but it's supposed to be an imitation of Fenrir, Cloud's bike from FFVII:AC

    Having read everyone's comments i laughed and agreed, but upon pointing that out, i could easily see a cosplayer thinking he's cool with this.

    Also, first time i saw it i thought it was just a scooter. Make of that what you will :S

    Should get my gf to enter, I'd like the bike and she loves Final Fantasy.

    actually its a tie in to the ff13's summons which are all vehicles not cloud methinks.

    Cloud had a pretty manly bike. :/

    Hell yeh! Nothing like riding around on my manly bike whilst my pink scarf flutters around as I constantly check the mirror to ensure my makeup hasn't worn wait, that's not right.

    voting starts on this tomorrow! i got my entry in, i hop you guys like it, its here:

    just asking has this comp ended ??

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