Finding The State Of The HD Generation

You know, for all the talk of this being the "HD generation", we've got our suspicions that many of you are still toiling away on standard definition TV sets. It's time to turn those suspicions into science.

Below you'll find some polls. The second allows you to select multiple options, since there may be more than one factor contributing to your decision. We'd be ever so grateful if you could respond (honestly!), and help give us an idea of the breakdown between HDTV ("High Definition Television) and SDTV (Standard Definition Television) users out there.

By participating, you'll be contributing to science. And who knows. We may even be able to do something useful with all this data...


    I use a standard def TV, it's big but even worse quality than the smaller ones. My only consoles are PS2 and Wii though. I don't hook my consoles up to my LCD monitor so other people can play them and I don't lose control of my computer all the time.

    how many decades ago was this picture taken

      thats god of war in the image, and theres dvds on some of the shelves.

        shit sorry, gears of war.

        So you can't tell that that the image looks photoshopped into that TV. Thankgod you corrected yourself aswell.

        I mean - who in their right mind - would have something that ugly in their bedroom/lounge room. Including the mess they live in.
        Ugliest TV unit i've ever seen. Embarrassing almost.


    I upgraded from a 27" standard definition TV to a 32" HD-ready (i.e. no inbuilt tuner) LCD TV about two years ago, exclusively for my console gaming - absolutely love the difference it made. I didn't need an HD tuner (as my parents' 50" plasma had that covered), so I was able to get it for AU$600 from Good Guys on sale. It's not a major brand, but I have had no issues with the TV since I bought it.

    Occasionally I need to use a smaller SD TV at a friends' house when we system link Xbox 360 consoles, and it is very difficult to return to SD after having experienced HD.

    In my opinion, if you have the money to spare, purchasing a 22-32" HD TV is a good move. It will cost more for a TV that has an in-built HD tuner (to receive digital TV channels).

    There is no excuse for not having some form of HD display.

    $50-$200 LCD monitor + ~$50 VGA adapter for 360/PS3 and you've got HD

    ($50 if you can manage to score a good wide screen off ebay, else my 2243BW was only $200 new and sufficiently does the job.

      A tiny LCD monitor is all well and good if you're intending to play games in a bedroom, but if you're looking to be playing from the couch - part of the point of a console, you must admit - then ideally, you really wanty a larger screen. Large screens are hella 'spensive, which slows down the rate of adoption- and yes, this -is- a major part of why takeup has been slow. People don't want to half-ass something if they're upgrading, they want to do the whole thing.

      I'm still not (quite) at the HD point yet, and that wouldn't be a problem... I can live with the less awesome image for now... but -damn-, I wish that games companies would accept that no, -not- everyone has an HDTV yet and quit using text that's legible in HD but a blurry pixel mass in SD. If a game can be seen on an SDTV, then it should be -playable- on an SDTV. Throw in a 'text size' option or something, people, at least until you can -prove- that an undeniable majority of your users are using HD screens.

        Most games only go upto 720p anyway, as 1080p is too much of a performance hit on current (console) hardware. Small UI like text seems that it's going the way of the OS...

    Will be getting my first (true) HD LCD TV soon since I just put a 46' on layby. My first LCD a 32' which wasn't quite 1080p received a large crack on the front mysteriously after some people came over..

    Looking forward to Wii, Bluray and UFC on the big screen!

    Just last weekend bought my first HD TV: Samsung LA52B750 55" LCD from QQ Auburn for $2000 :D And I can never go back to mere-mortal TV again! mwahahahahaha!

    I think there should be a field for 720p, since my set is only 720, and i know a few people who are in the same boat.

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